Borderlands 3 – How to get Face Puncher [Updated]

Looking for the Face-Puncher? Here is where you can find it.

Borderlands 3 – How to get Face Puncher

Face-Puncher – Weapon Description

The Face-Puncher is a Shotgun of the Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. It is one of the best shotguns you can have in the game right and you can really achieve some insane things with this weapon.

So what is so special about the Face-Puncher and why do you need to farm for it you ask? Well, the behavior of Face Puncher is different from all the weapons in the game. The damage you deal with this weapon actually gets counted as melee damage. So all class mods, artifacts and shields that increase melee damage will directly increase the damage of this weapon. If you are an Amara player then you have to have this weapon. The Face-Puncher, when paired with the Brawler Ward shield and Moze’s Bloodletter class mod, can reach pretty unimaginable damage numbers.

Let us take a look at the description of the Face-Puncher. The one shown here is the Redundant Face Puncher (Level 50):

  • Manufacturer : Hyperion
  • Damage : 127×14
  • Accuracy : 68%
  • Handling : 68%
  • Reload Time : 2.7s
  • Fire Rate : 2.10/s
  • Magazine Size : 6
  • Red Text : Man your own jackhammer.

Where to find the Face Puncher?

Update: The Face-Puncher now has a dedicated drop source. If you want to get your hands on the Face-Puncher then you will have to go and farm an enemy called Handsome Jackie. You can find Handsome Jackie at Skywell-27 at Promethea. Now, the problem is that the location of Handsome Jackie is at the bottom of the map which means you will have to travel a very long distance. Here is the exact location of Handsome Jackie:

You will have to take the same route that you took for reaching the boss of Skywell-27, Katagawa Ball. Once you reach the location of Handsome Jackie, the farming will become easy as there is a spawn point very close to the location. So you can easily to quit and respawn. Though, neither the spawn is guaranteed nor is the drop. So you have to farm a couple of times. Of course, being on TVHM and Mayhem 3-4 difficulty would be of great help.

In case if you face any trouble reaching the location of Handsome Jackie, here is a video that will guide you better:

Let me start by saying that the Face-Puncher is a World Drop which means it can drop from anywhere. But if you still want some locations to farm for this here they are:


My first option would be the Chupacabratch. I have got two Face-Punchers from this mini boss till date. Though it is a rare drop, if you are at TVHM then you should have no problem in getting the drop in a couple of tries.


The Graveward is one of the best bosses that you can farm in the game for legendary loot. If  you are at TVHM and Mayhem 3 difficulty then you will get a Legendary drop every time. And if you are lucky enough then he might even drop 6-7 Legendaries at a time. This boss gives better drops than every single source in the entire game.

Hoarder Tink

You can also farm the Hoarder Tink at Jakobs Estate in Eden-6. Now a lot of you might say that Gearbox has already patched the Hoarder Tink and it does not spawn every time. Well, there is actually a way to make the Hoarder Tink spawn every time. All you need to do is start Borderlands 3 via the Epic Launcher without being connected to internet. If you didn’t know, you need internet connection to start Epic Games Launcher but you do not need internet to play Borderlands 3. Without internet the game will start at Local mode and this is what you want. On offline mode the Hoarder Tink spawns every time. Kill the tink, quit to main menu, start again, repeat. Here is the location of the Hoarder Tink:

Once the farm is done you can turn on your internet connection and refresh your Epic Launcher by visiting the Store page so that you do not face any problem with cloud saving.

[Note: We would highly recommend to create a backup of your save files. You can find your Bl3 saves at this location : My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames. Just copy the entire folder inside SavedGames and paste it somewhere else.]

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on December 29, 2019

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