Fact Checking Policy

Fact-checking is extremely important when it comes to journalism, especially in the Gaming niche. The main objective of fact-checking is to make sure that the data or information being published is correct. When it comes to accurate data or information, Frondtech is one of the top sites in the field.

Frondtech was founded in the year 2017 and since then it has helped millions of gamers with useful guides. Every writer at Frondtech is solely dedicated to gaming, and that is why each one of them is an expert at what they do. They work hours to make sure that the guides they pump out are original and helpful.

Every single writer in Frondtech has years of experience in Gaming and fixing errors in games. Before writing guides for a specific game, the writers at Frondtech spend hours playing the game, first. Once they have accumulated enough knowledge, they move forward with the articles.

To more about the awesome team of Frondtech, check out our “About us” page.

Fact-Checking Process at Frondtech

  1. Review copies or retail copies of games are handed to the writers.
  2. The writers then start playing the game, and they also take notes on the mechanics of the game, side-by-side. So that they can use them while writing guides.
  3. If they encounter a bug or an error during their playthrough, they immediately stop playing, and they start figuring out fixes for that specific error and bug on their own PC or Laptop.
  4. Once they come up with a working fix, they immediately write an article on that. So that, people who are experiencing the same bug or error can fix it and can continue playing the game.
  5. Once the writers have completed a significant portion of the game, they start writing appropriate guides.
  6. They then submit the articles to the Editors at Frondtech. Who further fact-check from reputable and reliable sources to make sure that the articles are original and the information on them is correct. Also, they make sure that the images and videos provided in the articles are appropriate, and the content is not plagiarized.

Fact Checkers at Frondtech

Shoaib Ahmed (Founder/Senior Editor)
Shoaib Ahmed - Senior Editor and Founder of Frondtech

Akash Roy (Senior Writer/Senior Editor/Content Creator)
Akash Roy - Senior Writer and Senior Editor of Frondtech

How helpful is Frondtech?

Just to show how helpful our guides can be, I am posting the feedback that we got on one of our GoW articles:


Was taking like, 20~30hours to finish
I did this and it only took like 30 seconds



Very helpful, I appreciate the no nonsense write up with clear instructions, thanks for taking the time to post this for all who had the question.


This worked for me!! It said it was going to take days! Thank you so much!!

-Matt Keith

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