Borderlands 3 – How to get The Transformer Shield [Updated]

Transformer Borderlands 3 – Wondering how can you get The Transformer in BL3 ? Here is a guide for you.

Borderlands 3 – How to get The Transformer Shield

What is The Transformer?

The Transformer is a shield of Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. It is one of the best shields you can get in the game right now. And it is definitely a must have for all the players running Moze. The Transformer is one of the key elements that you need for the ‘Invincible Moze Build’. It will convert 100% of Shock Damage from any source into shields.

Let us take a look at the description of The Transformer (Level 50) :

  • Capacity : 11659 (Depends on the shield level)
  • Recharge Delay : 4.8
  • Recharge Rate : 1285
  • TR=VR
  • Red text : There’s more than your eye can see.

Where to find The Transformer?

Update: The Transformer now has a dedicated drop source. In order to get The Transformer you will have to go and farm Killavolt. You can find Killavolt at the Lectra City at Promethea.

The good thing about The Transformer is that you can find it as a world drop and you also get it from a side quest. Which side quest you ask? It is a side quest called ‘It’s Alive‘ that you can accept at Desolation’s Edge. A robot with the name Sparrow will grant you this quest. But in order to unlock this quest you need to first complete the ‘Homeopathological‘ side quest which you can take on from Sparrow only. ‘It’s Alive’ is a fairly long quest so get ready to sit for a while.’

Another way of getting The Transformer is by farming the mini boss at Athena, Chupacabratch. If you are already at TVHM then you should have no problem in getting the drop in a couple of tries. I was at TVHM and Mayhem 2 and I ended up getting The Transformer on my third try. Here is a video showing the drop:

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Last Updated on September 4, 2020