Destiny 2 – Divine Fragmentation Exotic quest – All Vex Core locations

Looking for Vex Cores to analyze? Here are the exact locations.

Destiny – Divine Fragmentation Exotic quest – All Vex Core locations

What is a Vex Core?

Vex cores are artifacts that you need to find and analyze in order to progress in the Divine Fragmentation Exotic quest which is the quest for getting the new Exotic Trace Rifle, Divinity. The quest wants ‘Vex Core analyzed‘. There are three Vex Cores in total. And I have to say that they are pretty hard to find without a proper guide.

Where to find Vex Cores?

There are a total of three locations you need to visit and they are all at Nessus. Here are the locations where you can get Vex Cores:

The Orrery

You can get your first Vex Core in The Orrery Lost Sector. The Orrery is located at Artifact’s Edge on Nessus. Here is a video showing the exact location of the Vex Core in The Orrery:

You won’t we able to analyze these Vex Cores immediately after reaching their locations. The first time you interact with them, few Garden Vex will spawn. Eliminate them and you are good to go.

The Conflux

To get your second Vex Core you can go to The Conflux Lost Sector. The Conflux Lost Sector is located at The Cistern which is also in Nessus. Here is a video showing the exact location of the Vex Core in The Conflux:

Same process, interact with the core, eliminate the Vex, interact again.

Ancient’s Haunt

Only one Vex Core left now. You can find your third and final Vex Core in the Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector located at The Tangle, Nessus. This one is a bit tricky to find as the whole Lost Sector looks very complex with a lot of uneven walls and complex structures. The Vex Core here is located inside a cave which you won’t be able to find unless you stick to the left side of the Lost Sector and pay constant attention. Here is a video that will guide to the exact location:

Those are all the three locations that you need to visit in order to find the Vex Cores. Once you analyze all three cores the Divine Fragmentation quest will move to the next part where you have to repair 120 Decryption Cores. We are working on a complete guide for this entire Exotic Quest which we would release very soon.

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Last Updated on October 6, 2019

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