Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Second perk slot bug – Locked even after unlocking – Is there a fix

Is your perk slot in Ghost Recon Breakpoint bugged too? Don’t worry you are not alone. A lot of players from the entire community are constantly reporting bugs like these. After having a far from smooth launch, Ubisoft should have released a performance patch by now. But I guess they are busy with something else. Now lets get to the main question – Is there a fix?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Second perk slot bug – Locked even after unlocking – Is there a fix

What is the second perk slot bug in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

It a bug that is keeping the second perk slot locked even after being unlocked by players. This is causing major issues for a lot of players. Especially for those who bought Breakpoint mainly for PvP. Perks are very important in PvP, they are almost like active skills that you can equip in The Division 2.

The worst part is not everyone is experiencing this issue which automatically pushes the ones who have this bug, at disadvantage. In PvP, where the slightest mistakes can cost you the match, bugs like these can ruin the entire experience.

Is there a fix?

No, there is no fix for this bug as of now. We tried a lot of stuff like deleting the configuration file from My documents and trying everything with an entirely new character. But nothing worked.

The good news is this bug has already been reported to Ubisoft over the forums and they have already replied to the post that was made stating this bug.

So now it looks like we have no other choice but to wait for an official fix. No one knows how long will that take but it will be out soon as Ubisoft is pretty quick to fix bugs.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 7, 2019

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