Destiny 2 – How to get Ace of Spades Catalyst

Ace of Spades Catalyst – Did you know that our favorite Exotic Hand Cannon, Ace Of Spades, now has a catalyst? Here is everything you need to know about it.

There is no doubt that when it comes to Hand Cannons that are best for Crucible, Ace of Spades somehow always manages to climb to the top of the list. Everything about this weapon is great.

It feels great, it has nice range, and on top of that, Memento Mori is probably one of the best Exotic Perks in weapons. If you have played Trials enough. Then you most probably have gotten clapped by a sweaty Hunter wielding an Ace of Spades at some point in time.

The Catalyst makes Ace of Spades even better. Let’s see how you can get it.

Destiny 2 – How to get Ace Of Spades Catalyst

Ace Of Spades Catalyst – Description

After you equip the catalyst on your Ace Of Spades, apart from generating Orbs on multikills, Firefly deals mode damage while Memento Mori is Active.

But you obviously have to upgrade the catalyst first. We are not sure how effective that is for PvP. But for PvE, more Firefly damage is always welcome.

Where to find the Ace Of Spades Catalyst

People who have managed to get the catalyst so far are claiming to have gotten it as a random drop from normal Strikes, Crucible matches, and the Nightfall.

It is not a surprise as a lot of weapon catalysts drop in Strikes. So go ahead and start farming.

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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on June 22, 2022

8 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – How to get Ace of Spades Catalyst”

  1. I got the Ace catalyst today form just a normal match in crucible. I had hand cannons equipped in two slots (neither were Ace) so possibly that helped?

    1. Yeah that is true. But it looks like the catalyst is dropping more frequently in strikes when compared to crucible.

  2. I asked a friend where can i get the catalyst from , and he said he said it’s random and another dude said he got it from the first match of crucible afle getting the ace , and so i went str8 to the crucible , and got mine from the first try aswell . it’s supposed to be like this or pure coincidence? :DD

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