Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Controller not working – How to fix

Facing the controller bug in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Here is how to fix it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Controller not working – How to fix

What isn’t my controller working in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

It is basically a glitch or a bug in the game that is causing the controllers to malfunction. And the surprising thing is, there was no such issue during the beta period. So what is causing this bug? Well, it looks like some of the beta files don’t actually get removed when you uninstall the beta version. As a result a lot of the files from the beta version are overlapping the files of the full version which is causing some files to become corrupted.

How to fix this bug?

We were actually witnessing the same bug where neither our Xbox controller nor our Logitech controller was working. We tried a lot of stuff but in the end here is what fixed the issue:

  • Open your Uplay application
  • Go to your Games
  • Click on Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Select Properties located on the left side
  • Now under Local files you will see you Game install location
  • Click on Verify files under it

The first time when we verified the files, nothing happened. But the second time Uplay picked up the necessary files that were missing and started a download of almost 1 GB size. After the installation was completed we just restarted Uplay and tried everything again. And this time both of the controllers started working.

If the fix given above doesn’t work for you then you can try the fix recommend by Ubisoft over the forums. Start by making a backup/rename your game configuration folder. You can find this in (This PC > Documents > My Games), please rename the “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” folder or move it out of this location. Then once that is renamed/moved/deleted from there, please try launching the game again. This will reset all settings.

[Note: We haven’t tried this fix and it is suggested completely by Ubisoft]

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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 6, 2019

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  1. I am having a controller issue with My Xbox one, I have tried switching controllers. Basically, I play for a bit then suddenly my controller will not work it allows me to crouch but won’t let me go prone, won’t allow me to use any items, shoot or even pull my gun up. Please help I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game

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