Where To Find Watcher Lens easily in Destiny 2 – Watcher Lens Location

Destiny 2 Watcher Lens – Bungie recently released the final forge of Black Armory. The Bergusia Forge has finally been unlocked after a long struggle. Players can find the Bergusia Forge located inside Niobe Labs. With this final forge players can finally get access to the Black Armory Exotic Sniper Rifle, The Izanagi’s Burden.

Even though the Izanagi’s Burden is an excellent Exotic Sniper Rifle, getting it can be a huge grind. So, now that Bergusia Forge is available for everyone, Ada-1 will have a new quest.

The quest will begin after you visit Ada and grab the Black Armory Key Mold from her. Now after you have acquired the Key Mold you will see that you do few steps and activities in order to complete the Quest. The first step requires you to collected 24 Watcher Lens.

Now you might be thinking that what is a Watcher Lens. Well, it a resource that you get by killing Watchers inside the Leviathan Raid. You can obviously go ahead and do the Leviathan Raid and kill Watchers along the way but that would be a wastage of time. Here is how to get to the location where you can find Watcher Lens easily:

Where To Find Watcher Lens easily in Destiny 2 – Watcher Lens Location

Best Location to find Watcher Lens

  • Head over to the Leviathan Raid
  • Drop down from the bridge. That is how you get to the bottom part of the bridge.
  • Run straight to the entrance in front of you
  • You will see 3 pillars inside the room
  • Each pillar should have 2 levers on them
  • The pillar to the left has Lever 1 and 2, pillar in the middle has Lever 3 and 4, pillar to the right has Lever 5 and 6
  • You need to enter a code which is 153246.
  • The numbers represent the levers and you will have to activate the levers in this numerical order.
  • First is Lever 1 which is on the left side of the left pillar
  • Second is Lever 5 which on the left side of the right pillar
  • Third is Lever 3 which is on the left side of the middle pillar
  • Fourth is Lever 2 which is on the right side on the left pillar
  • Fifth is Lever 4 which is on the right side of the middle pillar
  • Sixth is Lever 6 which is on the right side of the right pillar
  • Now that the way is open, exit the room and head upwards until you reach the Pipe Entrance or the entrance that has 2 pipes in front of it
  • Go inside to get to the Engine room
  • After moving forward a bit you will notice a huge blower or a lift to blow you upwards
  • In order to activate the lift or the blower enter the room located on the left side of the lift
  • Activate the console
  • The lift or the blower will lift you upwards
  • Go through the door at the top of the lift
  • After running a bit you will reach the room that has Watchers sitting inside it.
  • Kill them and they will drop you Watcher Lenses
  • Repeat this process a couple of times and you will easily get 24 Watcher Lenses in no time.

You are good to go!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on November 28, 2020

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