How To Farm Mod Components Easily – Fastest Method – Destiny 2

What are Mod Components?

Mod Components are materials in Destiny 2 that are mainly used to buy different mods from vendors like Banshee-44 and Ada-1.

Mod components are pretty rare and could not be easily obtained. If you follow the steps mentioned here then you can farm as many Mod Components as you like. You can call this a trick or a hack but this won’t get you banned as we are not breaking any rules or messing with the game files here.

How To Farm Mod Components Easily – Fastest Method – Destiny 2

Here are the steps to farm Mod Components easily in Destiny 2:

  1. Go to your Tower or The Farm on EDZ first
  2. Go to your Vault
  3. Deposit all your Energy Weapons into the Vault and empty all the slots. You should be left with 9 empty slots.
  4. Go to your Collections page and click on Weapons
  5. Make sure you have atleast one Energy Weapon from Year 1(Weapons without Forsaken logo) unlocked on your Collections page. The weapons that can be used here are The Yellowjacket-3au(Auto Rifle), Sonata-48(Scout Rifle), Requiem-43(Shotgun)
  6. Now go ahead and Reacquire nine of these weapons mentioned above.
  7. Start Dismantling them from you Character menu
  8. After Dismantling 3-4 or sometimes 4-5 of these weapons you will get a Mod Component.
  9. Continue this process until you have enough Mod Components to buy all the mods you need.

You are good to go!

[Note:You don’t have to worry about burning too much of your materials in this process as reacquiring one of these Blue weapons require only 250 Glimmer and 3 Gunsmith Materials. Dismantling one of these gives you 125 Glimmer and 2 Gunsmith Materials back. So, you are spending just 125 Glimmer and only 1 Gunsmith Material on each one of these weapons.]



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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on May 9, 2021

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