Borderlands 3 – How to get Ghast Call

Looking for the Ghast Call in Borderlands 3? Here is how to find it.

Borderlands 3 – How to get Ghast Call

Ghast Call – Description

The Ghast Call is a Grenade Mod of the Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. This grenade got added as a part of the Bloody Harvest Halloween Event in Borderlands 3. We are not sure whether this Legendary will stay after the event is over or will be removed. The Bloody Harvest event ends after December 5 2019 so have plenty of time to pick this grenade up along with some other good Legendary weapons like the Fearmonger.

So what is so special about the Ghast Call? Well, this is a Halloween Themed grenade so it is bound to have some spooky aspect to it and I have to say that Gearbox has not disappointed. Whenever you throw this grenade a lot of skulls will spawn and home towards the nearest enemies. The damage is really good and with some good builds the Ghast Call can outperform a lot of Legendary grenade mods in the game.

Lets take a look at the description of the Ghast Call. The one I have got is the normal Ghast Call (Level 50) with Corrosive element. I am not sure whether this grenade drops with other elements or not as all the prefixes I have seen so far were Corrosive.

  • Manufacturer : Torgue
  • Damage : 2831
  • Radius : 475
  • Exploder
  • Ghast Call
  • Red text : To you I am past, a story to tell.

Ghast Call Location – Where to find

Let me start by saying that the Ghast Call does not have any specific drop source. With that being said there are plenty ways of getting the Ghast Call.

Loot Ghosts

Loots Ghosts have a very high chance of dropping the Ghast Call. If you don’t know what Loot Ghosts really are, then let me tell you they look just like the other ghosts that spawn after eliminating haunted enemies, except they are yellow or orange in color.

If you want to farm Loot Ghosts then you should head over to Heck Hole which is where you will find Captain Haunt. You can also try farming at  Voracious Canopy or Jakobs Estate at Eden-6. You will find plenty there. Here is a video of the Ghast Call dropping for me from a Loot Ghost:

Captain Haunt

Considering that Captain Haunt is the new boss of the Bloody Harvest event. He will be dropping ghost weapons left and right. So you should really consider farming Captain Haunt as many times as you can before the drop rates get nerfed.

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Last Updated on October 26, 2019

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