Borderlands 3 – Best location to farm Loot Ghosts

Looking for some good locations to farm Loot Ghosts in Borderlands 3? Don’t worry we got you.

Borderlands 3 – Best location to farm Loot Ghosts

What are Loot Ghosts

Gearbox added a new type of enemy, Ghosts, in Borderlands 3 as a part of the Halloween themed event known as Bloody Harvest. These Ghosts spawn after you eliminate the newly introduced haunted enemies who have different colored auras surrounding them. Now, there are different types of Ghosts that you will find. The green ones are normal, the Red ones spawn from Badass enemies and the Loot Ghosts spawn after you eliminate an enemy surrounded by yellow aura.

Loot Ghosts are not as common as normal Ghosts and Badass Ghosts as they have a high chance of dropping legendary loot. So farming them to get your hands on some new legendary weapons in not a bad idea.

Loot Ghosts location

I went to a lot of locations in the map as realized that Loot Ghosts have a really low spawn rate. There were locations where I didn’t find even one. But finally I came by 2-3 locations where a decent number Loot Ghosts spawned for me.

The first location I would like to recommend is Voracious Canopy at Eden-6. I don’t know whether I was a bit too lucky or not, a total of six Loot Ghost enemies spawned for me in a single area.

My second choice would be The Heck Hole. Yes it is a lot of grind to get there but it is totally worth. You will find plenty of Loot Ghosts and this is the place where I got my Fearmonger shotgun and the Ghost Call grenade mod. Here is video showing a single Loot Ghost from a Rakk dropping two Legendary weapons at the same time at The Heck Hole:

The third location I would like to recommend is Jakobs Estate at Eden-6. You might not find a lot of Loot Ghosts here but the spawn location of the enemies is very close to the fast travel location and you will find huge number of bandits in a very small area. Clear the area, quit to main menu and start again.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2019

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