Borderlands 3 – Haunted El Dragon Jr Location

Wondering where to find Haunted El Dragon Jr. ? Here is his location.

Borderlands 3 – El Dragon Jr Location

Who is Haunted El Dragon Jr

Haunted El Dragon Jr. is the haunted version of the original El Dragon Jr in Borderlands 3. He got added as the part of a Bloody Harvest Event challenge called El Campeon Fantasmal. He is just El Dragon Jr with a green aura around him and spawns a ghost when eliminated.

Where to find Haunted El Dragon Jr

He is at the exact same location where you would find the original El Dragon Jr previously. Here is his location on the map:

Just Fast Travel to Jakobs Estate at Eden-6. Exit the spawn area and and head towards your left.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2019

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