Borderlands 3 – Pumpkin Puzzle location

Looking for the location of the Pumpkin Puzzle so that you can you solve it and complete your challenge? Don’t worry we got you.

Borderlands 3 – Pumpkin Puzzle location

What is a Pumpkin Puzzle?

Pumpkin Puzzle is a type of puzzle that you need to solve in order to complete a Bloody Harvest Challenge called Easy as Pumpkin Pie. Borderlands titles are known to have interesting and fun puzzles that are not too easy but at the same time, not insanely hard. The Cube Puzzle is a good example.

The Easy as Pumpkin Pie challenge asks you to solve the Pumpkin puzzle but does not tell you anything about the location.

Where to find the Pumpkin Puzzle

In order to find the Pumpkin Puzzle you need first give 25 Hecktoplasm to Maurice, make her open the portal and then head over to The Heck Hole. Here is the exact location of the Pumpkin Puzzle:

Spawn at The Heck Hole and make your way all the way to the Butcher Gardens. After exiting Butcher Gardens when you are about to jump through the big hole that leads to Clotting Cavern, look to you right and you will see four skulls hanging. Each skull glows a different color: pink, yellow, green, and blue. That is the Pumpkin Puzzle.

How to solve the Pumpkin Puzzle

Solving the puzzle is not very difficulty but without a guide it might appear really tricky. Here is a video showing how to solve it:

What you have to do is follow the glow colors of the 4 pumpkins nearby and pull the skulls according to the glow colors of the pumpkins. The first pumpkin was glowing pink so I pulled the pink skull. Then the second pumpkin was also glowing pink so I pulled the pink skull again. The third pumpkin was glowing green so I pulled the green skull. And since the fourth and final pumpkin was glowing yellow I pulled the yellow skull. And that how you solve the puzzle.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2019

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