What is Barrier and Barrier Generation in Diablo 4

Barrier Generation Diablo 4 – Diablo IV has just been released, and it has already become infamous for the number of bugs and glitches that occurred following the game’s release. Nevertheless, many of them were fixed, and players have now started to enjoy the game’s story. 

There are several items, skills and specifics to know about in Diablo IV. Regarding defensive abilities in the game, you should particularly be looking for the Barriers and Barrier Generation.

There’s quite a bit to know about it, and if you’ve got questions about the same, keep reading this article by Frondtech to know everything there is to know about Barrier and Barrier Generation in Diablo IV!

What is Barrier and Barrier Generation in Diablo 4

What is Barrier Generation and how can you increase it

Barrier Generation helps increase the total amount of damage a barrier can absorb, though it is contingent on certain active skills that can generate a barrier, Ice Armor, for instance. Another thing to know about Barrier Generation is that it will not affect your passive abilities. 

Further, as you increase the base and maximum life of your barrier generation or “strengthen” it, this affects barrier strength itself, and as it gets stronger, it’ll be able to absorb more damage and last a little longer. You can provide further boosts to barrier generation by affixes on gear or simply by socketing Diamonds onto pieces of armor. 

Lastly, another method to increase Barrier Generation is to look for Aspects with higher values in terms of Barriers; this, in turn, helps increase Barrier Generation by strengthening it. 

Barriers in Diablo IV

Strengthened by Barrier Generation, a “Barrier” in Diablo IV is a defensive shield that absorbs all sorts of damage from sources up to a specific amount specified by the skill. Barriers are quite effective and act as a protective shield around you, further protecting you from the damage that you otherwise would have taken. Further, as mentioned earlier, the Barrier is active for a specific time!

Duration for a barrier is independent and completely depends on the skill or passive you’re using. Also, the values of the Barriers are added up when multiple barriers are used.

There are certain skills for this particular ability, too, those are as follows-

For the Druid Class

Earthen Bulwark

Rocks’ll surround you for 3 seconds, further granting you a barrier that’ll absorb XX% of your base life in Damage. 

For the Barbarian Class

Iron Skin

By using this skill, you’ll Steel yourself, which will further grant you a barrier that’ll absorb XX% of your Missing Life for 5 seconds!

As for the Necromancer and Rogue classes, there are no known skills!

That’s everything there is to know about Barriers and Barrier Generation in Diablo IV.

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Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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