Ball Lightning Skill Effects Diablo 4

Ball Lightning Skill Effects – Diablo 4 has just been released, and beyond the bugs and errors, there’s a whole different level of gameplay. Stay tuned in as we cover many guides for the game Diablo 4! 

Let’s get to the skills part before we get into anything else, so there are five skills classes in Diablo 4; these include Druid, Barbarian, Rogue, Necromancer and Sorcerer. In this article, we’ll cover a skill that comes under the ambit of “Sorcerer”, the Ball Lightning Skill and its effects in Diablo 4.

So keep reading to know everything about the Ball Lightning Skill Effects in Diablo 4.

Ball Lightning Skill Effects Diablo 4

Ball Lightning Skill Effects in Diablo 4

As we’ve just mentioned, the Ball Lightning skill is specifically a Mastery Sorcery skill in Diablo IV. Here are specific details about the skill:

Ball Lightning (Mastery)

  • Skill type: Active.
  • Damage Type: Lightning
  • Cost to use: 50 Mana.
  • Chances to land a lucky hit: 5% per hit

What does Ball Lightning do

The Ball Lightning Skill can discharge a ball of Lightning that’ll slowly move forward and keep zapping enemies for XX% of damage. The XX we’ve mentioned here is the damage, which differs according to rank. Here’s a chart of the different Values of “XX” for each rank in descending order:

Rank Damage Value
1 18
2 19.8
3 21.6
4 23.4
5 25.2
6 27
7 28.8
8 30.6
9 32.4
10 34.2

Further, this particular skill also has some stages that it can activate through upgrades; there’s a total of three, which we’ve covered down below:

Enhanced Ball Lightning

The Ball Lightning’s Damage output rate increases by 200% (two times) of your total attack speed bonus. This can further be upgraded into these two skills:

  • Wizard’s Ball Lightning
  • Mage’s Ball Lightning

Wizard’s Ball Lightning

Crackling energy is formed if a cast of the Ball Lightning hits an enemy at least four times. However, this can happen only once per cast.

Mage’s Ball Lightning

If you manage to hit enemies that are close by 50 times with the ball lightning, the next cast of it will hit-stun enemies for up to 1 second. 

That’s all we have as of right now about the Ball Lightning’s skill effects in Diablo IV.

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Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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