The Grandfather Location Diablo 4

The Grandfather Location Diablo 4 – In the latest Diablo 4, one of the strongest items players can find in the endgame is the Unique items. One such item is the Grandfather, which is a two-handed sword. This sword is not class specific and thus can be equipped by all the classes. Moreover, if a player uses it, their Critical Strike Damage is increased by 60% to 100%.

So if you want to get their hands on the Grandfather in the game Diablo 4, you have come to the right place. The following guide contains everything you need to know about where to find the Grandfather and how to get it in Diablo 4. Keep reading to find out!

The Grandfather Location Diablo 4

The Grandfather Location in Diablo 4

Given the fact that the Grandfather is a Unique weapon, there is just a single way that players can get it. Firstly, players need to reach World Tier 3 in the game. At the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon at Kyovashad, the Nightmare world level gets unlocked after the players defeat the Curator. Upon doing so, only the Unique weapons will start dropping for them, including the Grandfather.

Completing the Helltide events is one of the best ways to get your hands on the Grandfather sword. You can keep an eye out for this weapon during the Helltide events while you are farming for the Forgotten Souls. 

The game has no particular location where players can find this Unique weapon. However, players can get this by looting chests, destroying objects, or defeating enemies, given that the players are in World Tier 3 or 4. The odds of obtaining this weapon are higher when players unlock World Tier 4: Torment. Players on Level 3 difficulty must complete the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon to reach World Tier 4. Players also get a chance to get their hand on another rare item category called Ancestral Gear. 

The Grandfather sword, which is a two-handed sword, is totally justified for being an endgame item. This increases the players’ Intelligence, Strength, or Dexterity. Moreover, it even ignores Durability Loss. With the help of such overpowered stats of the weapon, players can deal with hordes of enemies pretty easily in the game. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about The Grandfather Location in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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