Hawezar Mystery Chest Locations Diablo 4

Hawezar Mystery Chest – In this article, we will be talking about all the Helltide Mystery Chest locations in Hawezar in Diablo 4. Despite Hawezar being the region with the lowest number of Mystery Chests, Helltide Events are the most common in this region.

Now, there are other Helltide chests or Tortured Gift chests present in Hawezar, as well. But the difference between them and the Mystery Helltide Chests is the normal Helltide chests become visible on the map as soon as a Helltide event starts. But the Mystery Chests won’t show up on your map unless you stand very close to them. Also, the Helltide Mystery Chests require 175 cinders in order to be unlocked, as opposed to the normal Helltide Chests, which require 75, 125, or 150 Cinders. Furthermore, the Mystery Helltide Chests or Tortured Gift of Mysteries chests that require 175 Cinders offer the best loot (Update: After the patch on July 18, 2023, Mystery Helltide Chests now require 250 Cinders).

Hawezar Mystery Chest Locations Diablo 4

Hawezar contains a total of Four Mystery Helltide Chests. Here are the locations of all Four Mystery Chests:

Hawezar Mystery Chest Locations Diablo 4

  • For the First Mystery Helltide Chest in Hawezar, Fast Travel to the Wejinhani Waypoint, and travel West. You will find the 175 Cinders chest at an edge.
  • Fast Travel back to Wejinhani, and start traveling North-East. Just follow the map given above, and you should reach the Second Mystery Chest in no time.
  • For the Third Mystery Chest, Fast Travel to Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Keep, exit through the South-East path, and then start moving towards the South-West. You should reach the chest in no time.
  • For the Fourth and Final Mystery Chest of Hawezar, Fast Travel to the Vyeresz Waypoint and travel South-West from there. Don’t forget to check the map for the exact directions.

These are all the Helltile Mystery Chests that I was able to find in Hawezar. If you think I missed one or two, you can let me know in the comment section below.

  • Note: Not all of these locations will have a Helltide Mystery Chest every time because these chests despawn after a while.

What is a Helltide Event in Diablo 4?

Helltide event is an event in Diablo 4 that occur once every 75 minutes and lasts for 60 minutes. It is very easy to tell if a region is witnessing a Helltide Event. Just open the map; if a region suddenly becomes painted in Red, then a Helltide Event is in progress at the region. But you don’t get access to Helltide Events until you have cleared the Diablo 4 Campaign.

The formula of Helltide Events is pretty simple. You eliminate enemies and do events inside a Helltide Region, and you get Aberrant Cinders as drops from these enemies and event chests. Once you have enough Aberrant Cinders, you go to a Helltide Chest or a Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest and unlock it to get access to that sweet sweet Legendary Gear.

As of now, I have noticed four types of Helltide Chests. The Mystery Helltide Chests that require 175 Cinders, the 150 Cinders Chests, the 125 Cinders Chests, and the 75 Cinders Chests.

That is all I had regarding all the Mystery Helltide Chests in Hawezar. I have covered other regions, as well. Check them out if you want:

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