How to get Barber Heart in Diablo 4

Barber Heart D4 – One of the best, if not the best! The Barber Heart in Diablo IV is a Malignant Heart preferred by anyone who plans to play until the endgame. The Barber Heart is available for all classes, and the boost in DPS that it grants is something for which this particular Malignant Heart is very well-known!

If you’re wondering how to get Barber Heart in Diablo 4, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading as we cover everything to know about Barber Hearts.

What is a Barber Heart in Diablo 4?

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A Barber-Heart is a wrathful-type Malignant Heart, and as it is a Wrathful-type, it is very tough to locate and obtain. Further, all damage being cast on an enemy within 2-4 seconds is directly absorbed by your targets, with the same being re-casted on enemies nearby with an 11% storage-damage increase!

If you’ve landed a critical strike on your enemy, any attacks you inflict further will have no additional damage. However, once the duration on the Barber’s Heart expires, all of the damage that was absorbed by the enemy beforehand will explode, causing damage to be dealt all around your target. To increase the Barber Heart’s total effect, you would need to upgrade the durations of it, which goes all the way up to a whopping 44% increased damage!

Even though the Barber-Heart provides a significant jump in damage output, it still comes with some drawbacks that need to be addressed; for instance, Barber Heart likely messes up some perfect builds, given that players won’t be dealing damage when the “Barber” is active, resulting in some Legendary and Passive aspects to stop functioning completely. 

Where to look for the Barber-Heart?

Where to look for the Barber-Heart

Barber Heart or the Caged Hearts of the Barber can be acquired as a drop from a monster, given that the monster displays a “Wrathful” sign under their health bars. The chances for you to get the same as a drop are quite slim. However, this is arguably the best way to get the Barber Heart. Otherwise, you can also craft Uncertain Hearts at Cormond’s Workbench and see where it takes you. 

NOTE: The Heart will only appear and drop in World Tier 3 and over!

That said, that was everything you needed to know about how you could get the Barber Heart in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on August 15, 2023

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