Best BG3 Spells for Healing

Best BG3 Spells for Healing – In any RPG, healing is one of the essential elements; in this matter, Baldur’s Gate 3 is no different. Here is all you need to know about the best spells in the game that party healers can use. 

A Party role that any character takes is something common in all RPGs. For the roles of spellcasters and defenders, Paladin or Fighter is often cast, while for focusing on damage, rouge is cast. Meanwhile, classes like Bards, Druids and Clerics are often cast for the healing roles. 

The latest Baldur’s Gate 3, based on the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, uses the same kind of party organization and gives players all kinds of options. Abilities and Spells that help heal are not exclusive to the healing classes, while the combination classes, such as Paladins, can fulfil more than one single role. 

In the Evocation school, healing spells are often found, but they can also be found in the categories of Abjuration and Conjuration. Now, no matter the class that decides to take on this role, if possible, the following are the spells that they should be having. 

Best BG3 Spells for Healing

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Spells for Healing

Spell Detail
Cure Wounds This classic spell has been here for a long time in both BG and D&D. This is the Level 1 healing spell; all Paladins, Druids, and Clerics get this no matter their healing build. In the repertoire, the support classes like Bards and Rangers, too, have this. 

This spell helps restore about 1d8 of the target’s hit points and the spellcasting modifier. However, this won’t work on undead creatures or constructs with no hit points like golems. 

Goodberry This spell is not exactly a healing spell in itself, but is a spell that helps to conjure food which can then be used for healing. When a Goodberry is consumed, which was generated with the help of this spell, it’ll restore 1d4 hit points. This can be used both in and out of combat. 

Druids and Rangers can only cast this spell, and they can access it from level 1. This can be cast upon themselves or any other player resulting in the berry appearing in their inventory, and it lasts till the next long rest of the character. 

Aid In the game, sharing healing skills to the maximum extent if you lose your healer is good. Any casting class can use this spell as a level 3 Abjuration spell. Moreover, by the use of an enchanted trinket or jewelry or a piece of gear too, this spell can be obtained. 

When the caster uses this spell(which can be done on themselves only), it affects all allies within a 9-meter radius of the caster. It helps increase the hit point capacity of all affected and restores a few hit points, depending on Carter’s level. 

Healing Radiance From its name itself, this spell sounds like it’s for the Paladin class, which is true too. This is a HoT(Healing over time) ability that can heal more than a single target. This spell is quite powerful and exclusive to Paladins. Out of the few mass healing spells in the game, Healing Radiance is one of them. 

All those within the visual range of the caster get five hit points restored and restore five more on their next turn. Given that it can be used anytime, it helps turn the tables in combat or the wilderness, preparing the party for an ambush. 

Healing Word  Even if not built as a party’s healer, Clerics of every domain will have this spell. Even Druids and Bards have access to this spell, available at level 1 and equally handy for the party’s support role or dedicated healer. 

This spell works on a single target, meaning it can be used on self or anyone within an 18-meter range. Unless the target is a construct or undead, this spell restores 1d4 hit points. 

Lay on Hands Depending on the version of the game, this Paladin spell has different effects. In BG3, this spell restores hit points and removes any disease or poison from the spell’s target.

It can be used in or out of combat, proving effective against old mushrooms or poisoned apples. This spell restores more hit points as the Paladin reaches higher levels. 

Prayer of Healing Clerics can only use this, and it is a mass healing spell that restores 2d8 hit points to all those within the caster’s visual range. Mind that this spell can be used only outside combat, so the spell is more about recuperating after combat, and this is more so when another fight is imminent. 

After level 3 or up, the caster can heal another additional target for 1d8 for every spell slot level that they have that are above level 2. So even if your healer has just 2-3 extra slots, this spell is quite powerful. 

Second Wind The roles that specialize in physical damage in the game also need a few healing abilities, and this spell does the job for the Fighters, that too from level 1. Given that the class has immense stamina, the healing part can be used as a bonus action to heal themselves for 1d10 and their fighter level. 

If Fighters use this ability, it counts as an Action, so they can use this Action Surge Ability to get an extra action for a turn to get that much required quick heal during combat. It proves to be of great help when your healer is out of sight, incapacitated or down.

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about Best BG3 Spells for healing.

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Last Updated on August 16, 2023

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