Dauntless Server Status – Servers Are Full – Unable To Connect – Is There A Fix?

Dauntless made a successful exit from Early Access on May 21 and it has already managed to attract a good amount of players. It is completely free to play but despite being free it offers some quality gameplay.

But it looks like Dauntless is not completely free from problems yet. The game is experiencing some serious server issues which is causing some serious frustration in the community. The Dauntless reddit is being flooded by posts regarding this issue at the moment. So can we fix this Dauntless server bug?

What is the server bug in Dauntless?

It is a bug that is preventing a lot of players from getting into Dauntless, they are failing to even go past the loading screen. Every time players are trying to play the game they are getting a message that says all Dauntless servers are full and that they have been placed in a queue. And they are being shown absurd wait times like 180 minutes or 400 minutes. This is highly frustrating because there is not much players can do to fix this bug as it is completely server sided.

Looks like the developers were not prepared for such a huge response and they certainly didn’t expect such a huge surge in the number of players. As a result they might not have put many servers out there.

Is there a fix for this bug?

We are not sure whether this is a bug or just the servers reaching their full capacity. But the wait times that are being shown is quiet absurd in our opinion and there is no way the game would actually want you to wait for so long. There is no permanent fix for this bug yet. But there are some players who claim to have fixed this bug by just retrying 20-30 times. We know that this sounds stupid but it is still better than waiting for 200 minutes.

The good news is the developers are aware of this problem and they are working to fix this issue as soon as possible. You can check out Dauntless server status if you want. You will find that the game servers are suffering from degraded performance. We can understand that not being able to play a game that you enjoy is a very bad experience but there is nothing we can do against connection issues like these.

You are good to go!

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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