Dauntless – Cellular Infusion Middleman Quest – How To Infuse Cell Into Crafted Gear

Stuck at the Cellular Infusion quest from The Middleman? Here is how to infuse cells in your gear:

What is the Cellular Infusion quest in Dauntless?

The Cellular Infusion is a quest given by The Middleman at Ramsgate. The quest tells you to infuse any cell into any piece of crafted gear. The Middleman will give you different kinds of cells and your job is to infuse those cells into your gear. Now the problem is the term ‘infusion’ or ‘infuse’ is not mentioned anywhere in Dauntless. As a result players are getting confused as they couldn’t figure how to actually ‘infuse a cell’.

How to infuse a cell in our crafted gear?

The process is actually pretty easy and straightforward. And you might have actually done it unknowingly. To infuse a cell into your gear, first go your loadout and click on any one of your Armour pieces that you have equipped. You will now notice a slot under Modifications. Just click on that slot and you will see all the cells that you own appear on the screen. Just select any one.

So that is how you infuse a cells in your gear. There are all kinds of cells that you can get in Dauntless, and they all come in different rarities that are denoted by different colors like green, blue, purple.

You are good to go!

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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