All Barbarian Malignant Hearts Diablo 4

All Barbarian Malignant Hearts – There are five classes in the game Diablo 4: Sorcerer, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer and Rogue. Certain skills and their effects are specific to these classes, and then there are the general ones that share a few or all classes. Effects in the game aren’t just limited to skills, though. There’s Jewelry, on the other hand, which has sockets, which you could socket in Malignant Hearts.

These vary from one class to another. We’ll be covering all of the Malignant Hearts for the Barbarian Class. Keep reading till the end!

All Barbarian Malignant Hearts Diablo 4

All Barbarian Malignant Hearts Diablo 4

There are four different Malignant Hearts for the Barbarian class; here’s a list of them with their type as well as effects-

  1. Resurgent Life – While below or at 40-60% of total health, you’ll get a 50-60% of additional healing from several sources. Resurgent Life belongs to the “Brutal” type!
  2. Focused Rage – Once you’ve spent 100-60 fury within 2 seconds, your critical strike chance for non-basic skill witnesses an increase of 20-30%. Focused Rage belongs to the “Vicious” type!
  3. Punishing Speed – Have an additional 20-30% chance to knock down all enemies for 1.25 seconds, contingent on whether that skill’s attack speed is higher than 35-20%. 
  4. Ignoring Pain – Get healed for 17-68 while getting another 5-15% chance of ignoring incoming damage. 

Those were the four types of Malignant Hearts belonging to the Barbarian class; now, let’s move on to what they are and how you could use them.

What are Malignant Hearts?

Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 are items that provide unique effects. This can be done since the game’s first season, released on the 21st of July, 2023. It’s quite simple: defeat corrupted enemies, obtain those Malignant Hearts and once you’ve got them, insert them into Jewelry such as necklaces or rings (these must-have infested sockets). Once done, their unique effects will be activated! 

How to use Malignant Hearts?

Well, we’ve covered a rough idea of how up above. Here’s a deeper take on it, Jewelry, such as rings or necklaces you’ve acquired, might include something termed as “Infested Sockets.” These sockets have a very specific use, and that is Malignant Hearts! These sockets are further colored, and you need to match the color of the same with the Hearts to find a perfect combination and to be able to use its effects.

If your Rings or Necklaces don’t have an infested socket by default, you might add one by visiting a jeweler nearby, but just know that the color of the Infested Socket will be random. If you’ve found a “Wrathful” type of Malignant Heart, which is quite rare, you can use it with any color of Infested Socket!

That’s everything we had on the Barbarian Malignant hearts in Diablo 4.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on July 27, 2023

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