Scattered Prism Location Diablo 4

Scattered Prism Diablo 4 – Crafting is something you’ll need to perform quite often in Diablo IV, from when you start playing it to the endgame. Speaking of endgame, one thing to know about it is that the game becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through it, and to keep up with the same; we’ve got something for you in the bag to use.

To keep up with the endgame, you’ll need to keep upgrading your Armor and other gear; to make that happen, you’ll need an item called “Scattered Prism”. Keep reading as we cover the essentials of Scattered Prism in Diablo IV!

Scattered Prism Location Diablo 4

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Scattered Prism in Diablo IV is a rare ore that can be added to gear to increase its overall value. But the catch is that players who have reached the end-game opt for every method they can to maximize their potential. Hence, adding it to your gear is probably a good decision. Speaking of adding it to your gear, here’s how you could do that;

The basic thing to know is that you’ll need to pay the Jeweler in Kyovshad a visit to add a Scattered Prism to your gear. It’ll be added to the equipment socket and further increase your gear’s value for a price, as we mentioned earlier. If you’ve already got a Scattered Prism, head towards a jeweler; once there, you must interact with and select the “Add Socket” tab and then select the piece of equipment you want to add it to. 

Now that you know how/where to use it, here’s how to find it!

How to find Scattered Prism in Diablo 4

You could get Scattered Prism in Diablo IV in two major ways. The first is the more difficult, however reliable, method to get them through world bosses. There are three of these: Avarice, Wandering Death, and Ashava. Scattered Prism is known to drop from all three world bosses, and you could start here. These bosses, however, appear only after you’ve completed the main storyline for the game. Further, they’ve got unreliable spawn timers you’ll have to comply with to farm them. 

How to find Scattered Prism in Diablo 4

There’s another way, however, one that’s quite unreliable, we’d say. You could get Scattered Prism by farming Treasure Goblins. Treasure Goblins spawn while you’re farming dungeons in random mobs and quickly run away from you. It probably won’t be too hard for you to eliminate them (other than quick hands and some other stuff we’ll discuss later), but you’ll need some luck to spawn in the first place.

Treasure Goblins could be hard to catch, but if you’ve got damage over time or slow-down ability, it’ll turn things in your favor. If you slay a Treasure Goblin, you’ll have a chance to get Scattered Prism as a drop. 

That’s everything there is to know about Scattered Prism in Diablo IV.

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Last Updated on June 12, 2023

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