How to upgrade Weapon and Armor in Diablo 4

Upgrade Weapon and Armor Diablo 4 – A bunch of changes have been made to Diablo IV, and for someone who has played Diablo III, the successor might feel like a whole different game altogether. If you’re someone who has just started playing the game and you’re still figuring out the basics of it, here we are with another article in which we’ll be guiding you with how you could upgrade your weapons and armor in Diablo IV, keep reading as we cover everything there is to know about it!

Where to upgrade gear?

When/if upgrading gear, the only place you need to know is the blacksmith. Blacksmiths are NPCs that can be found scattered all around the map, and you’ll need them to upgrade both your weapon and your armor (together called gear). Visit one of the blacksmiths near you and interact with them. If you don’t see the upgrade weapons and armor option, you probably haven’t completed the unlock quest. Check back once you have!

visit blacksmith

How, When and why to upgrade armor or weapons?

If you’ve just started playing, you probably won’t be able to upgrade your gear immediately; you’ll have to unlock it first by completing a priority quest from Zivek, the NPC, who can be found in Kyovashad. This quest will unlock for you once you’ve reached character level 10; if you haven’t yet, check back later!

You won’t need to upgrade your armor as you reach level 10, though it’ll be expensive, and you’ll replace it pretty soon too. You should wait until the endgame and start upgrading once you’re at that point. We’d suggest that once you’re at Act 4, you should consider upgrading gear, the best ones, to be precise. Further, it doesn’t make much of a difference to upgrade armor or weapons in the game unless you’re playing at a greater difficulty, in which case, everything helps.

Upgrading your weapons and armor will help you battle enemies as you progress through the game; you’ll benefit in various ways. You’ll be able to absorb more damage as your damage output increases, making fights easier and you lasting while you engage in combat. A piece of armor or weapon fully upgraded witnesses a point increase in stats as you upgrade it; this could be damage or other properties.

How to upgrade Weapon and Armor in Diablo 4

Cost of upgrading gear (especially armor)

Upgrading, in general, isn’t very cheap in the game, so we suggest waiting until you reach the 4th Act, as it could be very resource-draining early on. In the case of Armors, here’s a list of what players need to upgrade a piece:

  • Iron chunks
  • Scattered Prisms
  • Silver Ore
  • An amount of gold near the ambit of 2000 in total.

Further, the best way to get your hands on these resources would be to-

For Ore

Interact with Ore deposits in the overworld. You won’t find much, so we consider upgrading a little expensive in terms of time or in-game money.

For other stuff

Salvaging Gear would be one of the best options you’ve got!

That’s everything there is to know about how you could upgrade weapons and armor in Diablo IV.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on June 9, 2023

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