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Vexcalibur God Roll – Destiny 2 features a lot of unique and powerful weapons, and with the new Season, we also got to see a new Vexcalbur Exotic Glaive Weapon. This is a potent hybrid melee ranged weapon capable of defeating enemies but also protects you during a tough battle. Like other Exotics like the Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale, the Vexcalibur has a lot of traits and rolls.

Earlier, we covered a detailed article on how to get the Vexcalibur in Destiny 2. So this article will guide you about the Rolls that you should use on this weapon whenever you customize or build out your Vexcalibur for PVP and PVE Modes.

Vexcalibur God Roll for PVE

The art of building and using rolls on your Weapons in Destiny 2 is purely a preferential matter. But if you want the best Vexcalibur Exotic God Roll, you should try the ones we suggest for this highly powerful Exotic Glaive Melee Weapon. Since this is a hybrid Ranged weapon, you should be careful about the rolls you use, especially in Player VS Enemy Modes.

Haft Auxiliary Reserves Increases the Shield Duration while reducing the Reload speed
Magazine Light Mag It increases the Magazine Size and also increases the Range
Trait Perpetual Loophole It cannot be changed or Altered
Stock Short Action Stock Increases the Handling Speed
Catalyst Immovable Refit The Ranged Attacks will increase the Weapon Energy when not in use.

Vexcalibur God Roll for PVP

We would suggest the following God Roll for PVP Modes, as we got excellent results with these combinations. Although you can try out new Rolls on your own, and if you like them, share them with us in the comment section; we would love to try them out.

Haft Tempered Truss Rod Increases Handling Speed and slightly decrease the Range and Reload Speed
Magazine Swap Mag Increases the Handling Speed
Trait Perpetual Loophole It cannot be changed or Altered
Stock Short Action Stock Increases the Handling Speed
Catalyst Robber Refit The weapon reloads automatically from the reserves from the final melee attacks.

Vexcalibur God Roll - Destiny 2

So these are the best Rolls for Vexcalibur that you can use for the PVE and the PVP Modes.

Suppose you ask me why I should get the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive. Then I would say that this weapon has unique perks when paired with Void builds. It is excellent with exotics like the Synthoceps, Wormgod Caress, and the Necrotic Grips. The quest also helps with character progression and quickly levels up your gear. Besides that, the weapon can make an overhead for everyone in the group when you block paired with a great shot pattern resembling a Shotgun.

It has a tremendous void synergy and subclass and can be used for exotic missions to get the weekly pinnacles. The Vexcalibur Catalyst, on the other hand, is a Catalyst that makes the Weapon extremely strong. The weapon has three catalyst slots, but getting those catalysts can be a pain because it is a time-related activity. The first catalyst is available within the first three weeks of Destiny 2 Season 20. You need to follow the Weapon Missions after you unlock it, and after each week, you will be able to unlock new catalysts. Once you fill up all three catalyst slots, you can make the Excalibur extremely powerful enough to shred any enemies.

So this was all about the best Exotic God Rolls for Vexcalibur.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any addition to make regarding this topic, then also you can comment below. And for more Destiny 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on January 16, 2024

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