WWE 2K20 (2020) – How to do an OMG Moment

Wondering how to perform some sweet OMG Moments in WWE 2K20? Don’t worry we got you.

WWE 2K20 (2020) – How to do an OMG Moment

What is an OMG Moment?

OMG Moments are unique moves that you can perform in WWE 2K20. They are kind of like Special Moves that have specific requirements which needs to fulfilled if you want to perform them.

How to perform an OMG Moment?

Performing an OMG Moment in WWE 2K20 is pretty easy and straightforward. You don’t have to press a ton of buttons like you do in other fighting games.


Play Station 4 users can press the Triangle+O buttons on their PS4 controller in order to perform an OMG Moment.

Xbox One

Xbox One users can press Y+B on their controller in order to perform an OMG Moment.

Remember most of the OMG Moments require 1 or 2 Finishers and at least 50% of a single bar of Stamina.

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