When do you start getting Sacred Weapons and Armor in Diablo 4

Players get a lot of varying tiers of quality on Gear, from the weakest to the strongest being Common, Magical, Rare, Legendary, and Unique. But variation applies not only to the rarity of items but also to the stats; for example, Legendary items usually have more start bonuses than magical ones.

However, what are those stats exactly, how high they can range, and whether they’re helpful for a specific build is a completely different matter. In the Diablo way, the latest Diablo 4 is an RNG fest. When you unlock World Tier 3, a new variable gets added to the mix of Sacred items. The following guide contains all that players need to know about Sacred Weapons, when you start to get them, how they differ from the less hallowed equipment, and how you can find them in Diablo 4. 

Sacred Items in Diablo 4

As you progress through your gameplay in Diablo 4, you will notice that the level of your gear does not feel as if it needs to match your level. You start noticing this more when you reach the higher levels, towards the main campaign’s end, Where you might find that your level 50 character is equipped with a range of several levels 40 items. Nevertheless, this is where Sacred items help you, as one of its key features is that it scales better to your level. In essence, in a drop of Sacred item, it is more likely to be nearer or at your level, beyond level 50. 

Although this might not seem extremely advantageous, a higher level means a higher stat range, including DPS, armor, and many other stats that roll on your gear. To explain this better, the power leap you get is so pronounced that a level 50 Sacred item would have way better DPS/Armor compared to the level 40 Legendaries you have most probably completed the campaign using. In simple words, for the characters above level 50 in the game, Sacred items become the ideal equipment choice due to their higher level scaling and, therefore, better stats. 

You can easily spot sacred items while they are on the ground with the help of the ‘Sacred’ text next to their name. You can take the help of your inventory screen and check for their icons’ golden glow. Any quality of gear can be sacred. 

Where and how to find Sacred items in Diablo 4

Where and how to find Sacred items in Diablo 4

Firstly, you must be in World Tier 3 or later, so ensure you have completed the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon, as Sacred items will only spawn in such. Afterward, via the World Tier Statue, switch to Nightmare difficulty. Upon being in World Tier 3, the Sacred Items can spawn from any sources you get loot from, be it chests, enemies, vendors, or gambling too! Although, the best sources would be the chests in the Helltide events and gambling. 

In Helltide events, you must defeat the enemies and loot objects to collect Aberrant Cinders. You can then spend this on specific chests to obtain the represented item type. You will find that the cost of different item types is different amounts of Aberrant Cinders. Still, a Sacred item (usually legendary or rare) is guaranteed to you. 

Gambling world like usual, however, check for the golden halo on the offered items(by the Purveyor of Curiosities) to look out for the gambles that can give you the Sacred Items. Because these are quite random, so you can’t rely on any specific category having a chance to give you at any given time the Sacred Items. Anyway, the costs are the same. 

As previously said, you can get Sacred Items by completing activities that yield loot, like clearing the dungeons, be it normal or Nightmare, completing activities, and other such activities. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about when you start getting Sacred Weapons and Armor in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on June 19, 2023

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