How to Reset Dungeons Fast in Diablo 4

Reset Dungeon fast Diablo 4 – Are you trying to level up quickly or farm for items in Diablo IV by farming out Dungeons, but you don’t know how long they’ll take to reset?

Keep reading as you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, we’ll guide you with how long these Dungeons will take to reset and how you could fasten the process to start farming it once again.

how to reset dungeons in diablo 4

How to reset Dungeons instantly?

Getting straight into it, if you’re wondering how you could reset the dungeons instantly, here’s what we’ve got regarding the same:

The Lead-player exiting the party. This is, of course, given that you’re playing online. Start by asking the party’s leader to head to the social menu and press the “leave party” button. By doing so, your party leader will instantly leave/exit the Dungeon but also take a walk and re-enter the Dungeon, and you’ll find that it has been instantly reset. You can join the leader’s different game sessions and be in a completely reset Dungeon. This is the easiest and fastest way to do so!

How long would you have to wait for it to reset automatically?

If you play solo or online, given that you’ve already completed a certain Dungeon, you’ll need to wait for about 60 seconds. Let’s say you’re playing with your friends; what you need to do here is to complete the Dungeon’s objectives and eliminate the boss inside. Once you’ve done so, exit the dungeon with all of your friends and wait for 60 seconds before you re-enter the dungeon. If you’ve tried it once already and it didn’t reset, try waiting for 80-90 seconds, and it’ll surely reset. Further, you’ll have to ensure that you leave no active town portals inside the dungeon, as it’ll prevent it from automatically resetting. 

How long for the dungeon to reset in case of partial completion?

If you need a dungeon to reset, given that it’s partially completed at the time, all you need to do is leave with your party, as we’ve mentioned before and re-enter after you’ve waited for a total of 150 seconds at least. Add on an extra 10 seconds just to be safe!

What happened to the Reset Dungeons button?

As some of you might know, the game used to have a reset Dungeons button that existed since the release of the game’s open beta. But that has finally ended as the developers have removed the button to ensure the players don’t exploit it. The only reason for the existence of the button beforehand was that the automatic reset timers and methods weren’t added to the game back then. 

That’s everything we’ve got on how you could reset Dungeons faster in Diablo IV.

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Last Updated on June 6, 2023

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