Adventurer or Veteran – Which one to pick in Diablo 4

Have you just started playing Diablo 4 and have come across the choice of world tiers? Choosing between Adventurer or Veteran as you start playing the game might be a bit confusing. Hence, in this article, we’re going to solve this confusion for you by covering the best method regarding World Tiers and how you could make the best choice between the two of them, keep reading!

Adventurer or Veteran – Which one to pick in Diablo 4
Difference between Adventurer and Veteran Difficulty in Diablo 4

As you start playing and come across the choice for the World Tiers, we highly suggest you opt for Adventurer, as your character will be weak initially. There surely is an XP boost in play if you go for Veteran. However, it’s best to opt for Adventurer as you start. If you opt for the Veteran World tier, you might find it difficult to clear out Dungeons as you’d have limited skills.

Further, we suggest changing the mode to Veteran as you obtain your first power spike. This is because staying on Adventurer difficulty for too long could mean losing out on potential Experience Points (XP). A power spike could mean different things for different classes in the game. Here’s a table for you that’ll help you understand what you could consider a power spike according to the class you’ve opted for:

Class Power Spikes
  • Aspect of Echoing Fury Unlocked
  • Aspect of Ancestral Echoes Unlocked
  • Aspect of Expectant Unlocked
  • Iron Maelstrom Learned
  • Teleport Learned
  • First two enchantment slots
  • Frost Nova Learned (Frost and Light Builds)
  • Level 7 Corpse Explosion Unlocked
  • Level 15 Skeletal Mage Unlocked
  • Level 25 Golem Upgraded/unlocked
  • Spirit Boons Unlocked
  • Aspect of the Umbral Unlocked
  • Aspect of the Ursine Horror Unlocked
  • Aspect of the Unsatiated Unlocked
  • Combo Points/Inner Sight Unlocked
  • Imbuement Learned

If you’ve opted for the Adventurer world tier as you reach the end game, you’re more likely to be stuck somewhere around or below level 45; however, if you switch to Veteran somewhere in the middle, the number could go up to 50. The extra 20% XP boost you’ll get as you opt for Veteran difficulty can make a ton of difference. We recommend you switch as soon as you think you could lose out on potential XP.

Do consider if you’ve got the skills to handle the increased difficulty, though. You might frequently die, losing out on the 20% boost you should have if you’ve opted for Veteran World Tier. A little trial and error might help as you choose between getting that extra farming potential and not dying! 

When can you change the World Tier setting?

You can change this particular setting whenever you feel so, from the menu, every time you start the game. An alternative would be a world-tier statue you’ll find in the town, so this is nothing to worry about. 

What are the key differences between Veteran and Adventurer world tiers regarding perks?

Veteran Perks

You’ll be rewarded 15% more gold and 20% more experience points (XP) than the Adventurer mode, making leveling up easier. On the other hand, though, the veteran mode will increase the difficulty a bit, and you might find it difficult to combat enemies in this mode.

More loot in Veteran Difficulty in Diablo 4


This is the best method to opt for early-game if you’re a beginner in the Diablo series. You’d get as many item drops in this mode as in the Veteran mode, so that’s one common thing. Lastly, Enemies are easier to defeat. Plus, when you’ve got the hang of it, you can always switch between these two world tiers whenever you’d want! 

So this was all about the key differences between the Veteran and Adventurer World Tiers.

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Last Updated on June 7, 2023

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