What is Darkness in Diablo 4

Darkness in Diablo 4 – In the latest Diablo 4 (D4), one of the debuffs in the game is Darkness which reduces the player’s vision.

If you want to get in the game, here is a guide on all you need to know about the debuff Darkness, how to avoid it, the related skills, aspects, etc., in the game Diablo 4.

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Darkness in Diablo 4
What is Darkness in Diablo 4

Darkness in the game is a Vision Impairing Debuff. The players afflicted by it will have everything except for their immediate surroundings blackened, disabling skills from being used and severely restricting their line of sight and vision. This debuff is used primarily by the Necromancers. 

Avoiding Darkness in Diablo 4

There are two ways players can avoid darkness in the game: Watching out for AoEs and Using their Immunity or Unstoppable skills. Talking about AoEs, this debuff is applied by the enemies, usually in the form of an AoE, which is similar to poison. So watch for the dark puddles that are left by the enemy attacks. On the other hand, skills that grant the players Immune or Unstoppable enables them to clear the Darkness and escape before they are swarmed or overwhelmed by the enemies. 

Darkness-Related Skills in Diablo 4

Necromancer Skills
  • Reaper’s Pursuit: For 3 seconds, your Movement speed is increased by XX% when you damage enemies with Darkness Skills. 
  • Gloom: For 2 seconds, and stacking up to 3 times, when enemies are damaged with the Darkness Skills, they take from you Shadow damage that XX% increases. 
  • Crippling Darkness: Lucky Hit – There is a 15% chance that Darkness Skills Stun for XX seconds. 
  • Terror: To the enemies who are slowed, this skill deals XX% bonus, and to the enemies who are Stunned or Immobilized, this skill deals YY% bonus damage. Further, these get stacked and then apply to the Shadow damage your minions deal with. 

Darkness-Related Aspects in Diablo 4

Necromancer Aspects
  • Aspect of Ultimate Shadow: Blood Wave and Bone Storm are Darkness Skills that deal with the enemies, Shadow damage, and gain additional effects. For over 2 seconds, enemies that are damaged with Bone Storm take XX Shadow damage, and Blood wave desecrates the ground that it would travel over, and this deals for over 4 seconds, YY Shadow damage. 

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Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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