“Steal the Mirror” in The Bronze Mirror Heist – How to do it in AC Mirage?

In the latest Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you must invade or enter a Hammam in the Abbasiyah district to finish the’ Bronze Mirror Heist’ contract. 

If you want to upgrade Basim fully in the game, you should know that Contracts contribute much to this. You will find these in the Bureaus in Baghdad, posted on all the boards there. You must interact with these contracts after progressing in the main quest. 

These Contracts will help get you resources of essence, like Power, Scholar, and even Merchant Favor Tokens. You also get rewards from upgraded materials, like Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components. However, the most important thing you get from them would be Skill points and Dirhams, as these are the main resources you need to upgrade Basim. So, if you want to know how to Steal the Bronze Mirror in this heist, keep reading to find out!

How can you steal the Bronze Mirror without killing anyone in AC Mirage?

Steal the Bronze Mirror

Out of the first Contracts that players get in the game AC Mirage, the Bronze Mirror Heist is one of them. It is not your common contract, but a rare one that rewards you with Upgrade materials, two skill points, a few resources, and Dirhams if you do not kill anyone during the quest. So, here is how you can do so!

This Contract would require you to head to the Hammam area in the Abbasiyah district and then steal a mirror from there. Then, you will have to teleport to the Viewpoint next to it. From there, you will find a small hole in the wall, which you will have to sneak from. 

To get inside the Hammam building, you must first look for the guard holding the key and then try to steal it from them. I would suggest that you look for the soldier with the help of Basim’s Eagle. 

Once you are inside, try staying hidden and take the help of the roses to hide within them, and keep moving northwards. When you reach the edge of the hidden spot, wait till you see that the soldiers do not have their guard on and then pass through the area. 

Steal Mirror

When you finish the above, quickly head to the second floor by climbing the Hammam building. Note that this floor would have a lot of soldiers, so you will have to be careful.

The soldier that holds the key will be on the far east of the floor. Try staying hidden and then head towards the bushes behind them and enter it. Again, please wait till the soldier is done with his rotation. Now, you will see that this soldier will come and stand right in front of you, with his back facing you. At this point, try to pickpocket the Hammam key. I would suggest that before you try to steal, save the game to avoid the whole process in case you fail to steal.

After you are done stealing the key, head down to the main door of the building to unlock it. After you unlock it, head inside, and you will find on your left the Bronze Mirror. Now, at this point, it does not matter if you get caught by the guards, as getting rid of them is quite easy with Basim’s Parkour. To complete the Heist, head to the marked location in the Abbaasiyah district and deliver the Bronze Mirror. 

Complete Bronze Mirror

That is all I had on How to Steal the Mirror in AC Mirage.

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Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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