The Bazaar Gear Chest in AC Mirage – How to reach

One of the most important collectibles in the latest AC Mirage is the Gear Chests, which offer you clothing, schematics, and useful weapons. The Bazaar gear chest you can find on the southern side of Baghdad is no different. 

Although it seems easy now, reaching this chest is frustrating. This chest is not like the other ones in the game in the sense that it is in an area that is locked by the game till the plot opens the path forward. However, to our advantage, a feature in the game helps avoid this time lock, but this is only if your aim is exceptional. 

Where is the Bazaar Gear Chest in AC Mirage?

Where is the Bazaar Gear Chest in AC Mirage

The Baghdad Bazaar in AC Mirage is a huge place with various floors, open and enclosed sections, and, to your surprise, even a roof with a bandit hideout! In and out of this Bazaar, you can find a lot of chests, but the gear chest is only one. To find it, enter Bazaar from the east side. Then, take the first right. 

When you take this route, you get close enough to the chest that it appears on your compass. You can then use your Enkidu or Eagle Vision to get its exact location. You will see that it is on the second floor, with a gate near the location, which is barred. There is a door on the first floor, too, but that, too, would be barred.

Following the main quest, you will eventually get access to this area. Here is the trick: you don’t need to do this to get the chest. Although this location does not have wide bars that could be taken down with dagger throwing, the window does have holes that are wide enough to use. 

How do you Unbar the door in Bazaar in AC Mirage?

How do you Unbar the door in Bazaar in AC Mirage

I suggest starting from the upper door and then using the tightrope to get to the balcony. Then, turn right until you see a wall ahead with a wooden window. On the other side of this window is the barred door. Though the slats are close, they are wide enough that you can use the dagger, and the game also allows it to let it pass through. 

To help line up your shot, use the Eagle Vision and highlight the door bar. The balcony ledge is quite close for the dagger to reach the bar. However, I suggest that you jump to the green tarp that you will find below to get a clearer angle. The crosshair will become red after you have lined up your shot perfectly. Release it, and you will hear a crackling noise, meaning the dagger has landed. Now, go back to the door, which will now be open. You will see on your right that the chest awaits. Note that this area has a heavy guard, but this should be a piece of cake to evade them. 

The gear you will get from this chest is the Abbasid Knight Dagger. Although it would deal the same damage as your initial dagger, it has a special ability, ‘Resilient’. This would help when your health gets below 50% by increasing your damage resistance by 30%. 

Bazaar Gear Chest

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Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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