Starfield: Should you buy Extended Warranty from the Unknown Ship?

It’s surprising how the “Extended Warranty” meme has made its way to Starfield, and this is performed by a so-called Insurance Agent wherein you’ll randomly be contacted by an unknown ship inquiring about your ship’s “Extended Warranty”.

If you’ve been contacted by an unknown ship regarding your extended warranty, there are probably some things that you need to know right away, and look nowhere else, as we will be guiding you with the same! Keep reading till the end as we get to the bottom of the Extended Warranty scheme in Starfield.

Starfield Should you buy Extended Warranty from the Unknown Ship

Should you buy Extended Warranty from the Unknown Ship?

The Extended Warranty is a NPC encounter in Starfield wherein you’ll be contacted by an unknown ship trying to reach you regarding your ship’s extended warranty. Further, the salesman on the other end provides you with a few options to move forward with- To either purchase one of three tiers of warranty that they provide costing 50,000/100,000/200,000 Credits, respectively, or to decline the same. If you’re thinking outside the box, you might as well destroy his ship, which is a third option. 

Before you choose any of these options, though, you should know that choosing any of the three options will not affect the game’s campaign in any way whatsoever. But you should know that this is nothing but a SCAM. We strongly advise that you do not purchase any so-called “Extended Warranty” plans as they do not mean anything, and the only thing that’ll happen is that you’ll end up losing a hefty amount of in-game credits to gain nothing in return. 

The whole point of the warranty would be that the agent covers your damage or repair costs, and even though players have purchased the warranty, no discount or change in price was offered to them to repair their ships, roughly 1,000 credits to the technician. This leaves us with two options: you can either attack the ship and steal a bunch of credits from it or if you’re looking to move on with the story, you could peacefully decline the agent’s offer, which is the best choice.

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Last Updated on September 15, 2023

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