Starfield: Neon City Location

To experience all Neon City offers in Starfield, you first need to know where it is and how you can get there. Neon is the game’s playground for crime and is a cyberpunk kind of pleasure city. It is also the psychedelic effects of Aurora and a place where one can let some space hair down. It is one of the game’s unique places to discover and explore, with the city’s bustling streets, neon lights (of course), and also, not to forget, the aquatic wildlife surrounding it. Furthermore, it almost sounds like a place where you cannot resist the urge to go. 

The game has a colossal star map, so figuring out how to get to Neon and when to step into the city’s atmospheric streets might get tricky. Neon is a city worth traveling to, with plenty of core locations and points of interest for the players to discover and explore as they take in the city’s interesting sounds and sights, which may be difficult to navigate. So here is all you need to know about the location of Neon City in Starfield. Keep reading to find out!

Neon City Location


After reaching New Atlantis, players can visit Neon City and explore it anytime. They don’t have to wait for the game’s main story to begin to head there. To reach Neon City, players must compulsorily travel to the Volii system(pass the Olympus system; players can find this on the right of Alpha Centauri). The Neon City is on the Volii System’s planet, Volii Alpha. This journey would consume a lot of fuel, but just like Jemison, players from locations in Alpha Centauri can jump straight to the Volii system. 


After players reach the planet Volii Alpha, they can scan it and select their landing point as the Neon City. Doing so will make the ship land at the entrance of the city. Even though the game would recommend that the players are at least a level 5 before they head on to explore the City, these criteria are not mandatory, as those with a lesser status are free to head there. 

Neon City Location

What are the Key Areas in Neon City in Starfield?

Even though there are many things to do and many side quests for the payers to do in Neon City, they should have an idea about the key areas before they head on exploring the city on their own. So, the main areas in the city that players can explore are:

  1. Spaceport
  2. Core: Immediately after the Neon City Spaceport terminal, the Central streets are there. 
  3. Ebbside: These are a lot of locations that are around the Core.
  4. The Underbelly: This is not far from Euphorik and is accessible from Ebbside with the help of a lift there. 

Neon City POIs

Here is a list of a few general points of interest in the Neon City:

  1. On Neon, players will find the Starfield faction groups they can join and interact with, including the criminal gang ‘The Ebbside Strikers’. Moreover, players can apply for a job at shady corporation ‘Ryujin Industries.’ This job involves planting devastating information on enemy companies and fetching coffee. There is also ‘Jaylen Price’, a Freestar Collective Ranger living in the City.
  2. Players seeking out crews to join should take note of the following recruitable companies: Sophia Grace in Madame Sauvage’s Place, Micky Caviar in The Astral Lounge and Dani Garcia in Euphorika. 
  3. The players seeking out the city’s bounty self-service kiosk can head to the Volii Hotel and find it next to the Mission Board. 

That is pretty much all about the Neon City Location in Starfield.

So, that is all about the “Neon City Location” in Starfield. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 15, 2023

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