Starfield: How to increase Ship Storage Capacity

To create a life for yourself and travel the universe in Starfield, somewhere among the stars, you must build your ship. This is because your spaceship will be among the most important places in the game. Out of all the uses of a Ship, one main use is holding/storing cargo, resources, and items for later. Even when you are busy building outposts on different planets, these items can be directly extracted from the ship.

For all these reasons, one would want a lot of storage capacity. So, if you are seeking to do it too, here is all you need to know about increasing Ship Storage Capacity in Starfield. 

What is the use of Cargo Bay in Spaceship?

How to increase Ship Storage Capacity

The spaceships in Starfield have so many cool features that make the game all the more worthwhile. As said, players can build their dream ship in the game and tour across the universe. Players will require a few resources to build this dream ship, though. Given that characters in the game cannot hold a lot of cargo in their inventory, the next best place to keep your items safely and in direct reach is your ship until you need to build outposts and sell them off, among others. The Cargo Bay steps in here, as this is the area of the ship that will hold all the items. Initially, this storage capacity is quite limited, and we suggest that you only upgrade it as fast as possible. 

How to Upgrade the Cargo Capacity of Spaceship in Starfield?

To upgrade the cargo capacity, the first thing that you will have to do is upgrade your ship. For this, land on a planet with one big city, like Neon or Akila. Then, head to either a ship store or a ship technician and converse with him. Ask your ship to be modified and select the desired ship that you want to modify. You will then see the option of adding parts to your ship. Head to the cargo section, select the desired cargo bay, and add it to your ship. Alternatively, you can also use Skill Payload to increase your cargo space.

Where to find Cargo in a Spaceship?

The Cargo section of your ship will differ depending on what ship you are on. Visit the cockpit; you can always find it on one of the walls. The word Cargo will also be written on the top. 

That’s pretty much all we had on How to increase Ship Storage Capacity in Starfield.

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Last Updated on September 15, 2023

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