Starfield: How to Locate The Seller in All That Money Can Buy

Starfield has a wide range of quests. There are a plethora of side quests and main missions. There is something for everyone. Players can rush the story or take their time to do everything. Now, quests in Starfield are pretty straightforward. You keep on following the Blue Waypoint until the job is done. But there are some missions that don’t give you a waypoint. You will have to figure it out on your own. Such is the mission “All That Money Can Buy”, where you will be tasked to “Locate The Seller” by Walter Shroud at one point, and you won’t get any waypoint. If you are struggling to find the Seller, here is his location:

Seller Location in All That Money Can Buy mission

The “All That Money Can Buy” mission takes place in Neon on the Volii Alpha, where you are tasked to take care of quite a number of objectives. The “Locate The Seller” part is one of them. You follow Walter Shroud to the Astral Lounge, where he asks you to find the seller. He further explains that guy will have a Suitcase and in order to interact with him, you will have to use a Code phrase “I’m with Ramsay and Travers.” With that being said, finding the Seller is not that difficult to be honest. Just go up to the bar, look on the right side of the bar, and you should notice a guy wearing black clothes standing with a big silver-colored suitcase.

Seller Location - Starfield

If you point at him, his name will come up, which is Musgrove. Interact with him and select “I’m with Ramsay and Travers”. Once you have done this, the quest should get updated to “Talk to Walter Shroud”.

That is all you have to do here. People keep looking for the seller at the dance floor, that is why they are not being able to find him.

So, that is all on “How to Locate The Seller in Starfield”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 4, 2023

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