How to be a Space Pirate in Starfield

The Ships collide, and pirates jump aboard, fighting, screaming, and looting everything that’s worth having and holds value. Well, who doesn’t want to be Captain Jack Sparrow of the space? While the Piracy scene in space would look a lot more different than that of Pirates of the Caribbean, it might just be a little closer to Harlock: Space Pirate!

Starfield features over a thousand planets and moons, all of which are accessible, making Starfield the largest open-world game by Bethesda games! The best part happens to be that the game includes certain activities that basically require you to become a space pirate, and if you’re wondering how you could become one in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how you could become a Space Pirate in Starfield!

How to be a Pirate in Starfield

Here’s a list of Space Crimes that you could perform in Starfield that make you a Space Pirate!-

Stealing Cargo:

If/when you demand other Space Travelers to hand over their Cargo to you, which includes stuff like Gear, Credits, or a whole different array of items, the Travelers would have an option to basically hand it over or fight for it – Classic Raiding. This is a form of Space Crime that promises a lot as it carries a significant risk. Do you have what it takes to become a Space Pirate though?

Smuggling Contraband:

You could create a smuggling cartel in Starfield by smuggling certain contraband into planets/cities. This can be done through your outpost network, where you’ll need to start a business by bribing NPCs or Hiding Illegal or Restricted items into one of your ships. Here is a complete guide on Contraband items.

Engaging in Space Combat:
How to be Pirate in Starfield

This feature is basically very similar to raiding, wherein once you start interacting with another Ship captain/pilot in space, you’ll have the option to demand the Cargo that they’re carrying. This leaves them with two choices- to hand it over peacefully and comply with your demands or fight for the Cargo that they’re carrying, and they will most likely take their chances and engage in combat with you. Here, you’ll be required to destroy their Ships by engaging in battle with them, and once they’re dysfunctional, you’ll be able to steal everything they’ve got!

Dock into another Ship:

This one’s special, as it is one feature that Starfield might’ve borrowed from the movie Interstellar. To personally be able to retrieve the precious Cargo that the other ship might be carrying, you’ll be able to dock your spaceship into theirs and physically engage in combat (if required) to steal the Cargo that they’ve got. If you manage to take out all the crew members of the ship, you might also be able to take over the said Spaceship, as there would basically be no one defending it anymore!

These were the Space Crimes that one could individually commit in Starfield. However, don’t just leave as we’ve got some more in the bag for you-

Piracy Factions (Mafia):

Crimson Fleet HQ: The Crimson Fleet in Starfield is a mafia composed of evil space pirates that steal, kill, or do anything that they might need to if one doesn’t comply with their requirements.  One factor that might be a part of the game is that you might be able to be hired as a contract-specific pirate by the Crimson Fleet to complete certain tasks or quests. A very standard form of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”.

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Last Updated on September 4, 2023

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