Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

Atlas Fallen on Game Pass – Atlas Fallen is all set to be released on the 10th of August, 2023, and for a lot of players interested in the game and already have the Xbox Game Pass, we’ve got some solid news!

Keep reading this article to determine if Atlas Fallen will be available on Game Pass! 

Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass

Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass, since its release, has completely disrupted the gaming industry as by making one simple purchase of a time-bound pass, anyone can get access to hundreds of games for the duration. This makes it very convenient for players as they don’t need to purchase every game individually. So now the question is, will the game be available on the Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as anyone would want. The bottom line is Atlas Fallen will NOT be available on Game Pass as soon as it releases. To access/play the game as soon as it releases, players can purchase it directly from different stores for different platforms at different prices. For instance, the game will set you back $49.99 (USD) upon pre-ordering it from Steam—the same increases to $60 (USD) on the Official Xbox Store. 

The history of many other games does tell us that they were added to the Xbox Game Pass after a certain point following their releases, even though it was never planned. Further, Deck13 hasn’t yet confirmed whether the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass even after a while, which leads us to speculate that it Might be after a certain point! 

Many game developers do this to maximize their revenue on the game following its release. If you were to purchase the game pass, which in total costs much less than the game for a given period, the developing company will, of course, make much less in revenue than they would by selling it at full prices. Further, once the sales have slowed to a point where it simply is better to enlist the game onto a subscription service such as the Xbox Game Pass, developing companies often opt for the same, but this could take a while!

If you like the game’s concept enough, we recommend you go for the full-price purchase, as it could take a while to be available on Xbox Game Pass. Further, there isn’t any confirmation as to whether it will ever be available on the pass. One can only assume

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Last Updated on August 10, 2023

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