Is Atlas Fallen Coop Multiplayer?

Atlas Fallen Coop Multiplayer – Exploring a world filled with dunes and monsters would surely be more fun with your friends, so is the new Atlas Fallen Coop Multiplayer or not? The question gets more heightened because Deck13 has not created a Coop multiplayer before. If you are someone who has been wondering about the same, then you have come to the right place.

Here is all that you need to know about whether the game Atlas Fallen is Coop Multiplayer or not, and if yes, how will it work in the game? Keep reading to find out!

Is Atlas Fallen Support Coop Multiplayer?
Atlas Fallen Co-op

The answer is yes, Atlas Fallen is Coop Multiplayer. This is the first time Deck13 has created a co-op game, so it will be interesting to see how they have implemented the feature in the game. Coop multiplayer is quite common in adventure RPGs, and Atlas Fallen is no different, being an action/adventure RPG. 

How is Coop multiplayer going to work in Atlas Fallen?

The game Atlas Fallen will feature a two-player co-op mode, which would be online and allow players to explore the world with one chosen friend. It is only the introduction sequence that players cannot play together, which takes about 10 minutes of the game. After this, one player can invite the other by becoming the host and then play the entire game with that friend.

Even though one of the players is the host, this would not mean the other one will have restricted access to the functions. In the game, both players will have full access to all the server’s functions, including talking to NPCs and competing quests. 

Fortunately, in the game, the players don’t need to progress together through the entire story, which means that players can join each other even at different points. To sum up, there is no progress check. 

Even though the game has been designed in a way that is more of a single-player experience, yet, Deck13 has introduced a lot of features in the game that other co-op RPGs lack. 

Even loot and experience are shared among players, so they do not miss out on anything. The game also allows splitting tasks so that one can talk to NPCs in search of a new quest, and the other can explore. Given that two players will be fighting instead of one in combat, the difficulty will also be changed accordingly. However, if it gets too difficult, you always have the option to change the difficulty at any point in the game. 

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Last Updated on August 10, 2023

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