How to Unlock Invader Class in Remnant 2

Unlock Invader Class Remnant 2 – We have been playing Remnant 2 since the launch date itself, and like us, players soon realized that there’s much more to the game than it seemed! The game has certain classes that you can unlock much later, which are contingent on progressing. On the other hand, there are standard classes from which you can choose at a very early stage.

The Invader class, for instance, is one that isn’t accessible by default, and if you’re wondering how you could unlock it, don’t worry, as we have you covered!

Keep reading to discover how to unlock the Invader Class in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock Invader Class in Remnant 2

How to Unlock Invader Class in Remnant 2

The unlocking process is fairly simple yet hidden in plain sight, and you might’ve progressed through the stage where you could’ve initially unlocked it by going somewhat out of your normal path. Don’t worry, though, as you can always go back and unlock it. Here’s a step-by-step procedure as to how you could unlock the Invader Class in Remnant 2.

Root Earth - Corrupted Harbor

It starts with obtaining the wooden shiv item in Root Earth – Corrupted Harbor. Here’s how:

  1. The first step towards obtaining the shiv would be to obtain the Dreamcatcher Weapon from Losomn: Morrow Sanatorium.
    Complete the Nightweaver main quest to obtain the Dreamcatcher weapon as a reward! When you’re in Losomn – Marrow Sanitarium, search specifically for three stone-carved dolls, these can be found at the Asylum Building. Collect all three and head to the building’s basement, where you’ll find a woman behind the door. Interact with her and give the dolls to her. Once you’ve done so, she’ll provide you with a clue for a safe code.
  2. Release her from the cell and pick up Nightweaver’s stone doll. Once you’re at this stage, keep progressing until you defeat Magister Dullian in the Shattered Gallery Dungeon. This’ll get you the Soulkey Tribute, which can later be used on a large Cobweb in the Morrow Sanatorium Basement.
  3. You’ll then be teleported to the Dream Realm, and once you are, check the cell located right next to the one previously occupied by the Woman you freed; in that particular cell, you’ll find the Dreamcatcher Weapon.
  4. Keep going with the campaign mode until you reach Root Earth’s Corrupted Harbor.
  5. Once done, use your Dreamcatcher Weapon on the pod that can be found at the backside of the cargo docks. Once done, you’ll get the Walker’s Dream Consumable item.

Players are found to be struggling with finding the Dreamcatcher Pod at Corrupted Harbor. Here’s an in-detail walkthrough:

Reaching Corrupted Harbor itself could take a while as you’ll need to clear out some other areas before it, and once you’ve managed to do so, locate the checkpoint inside the cargo ship and get to it. Once you’ve passed it and are done with the encounter, look for a side passage through the containers, which take you to a wide, open space at the back. The open space at the back is where the Pod is located. Once here, just strike the pod to obtain the Walker’s Dream item.

Walker’s Dream

The Walker’s Dream item is a consumable item, as we’ve mentioned earlier, and you’ll need to get it into an item slot to use it, or you could take the high road and assign a hotkey for it. Consume the same to get teleported to a dream-like version of the docks. 

Defeat the Bane Boss to receive the wooden shiv item finally

Defeat the Bane Boss to receive the wooden shiv item finally

Once you’ve reached the wide-open area at the back, you’ll face a root-corrupted aberration- “Bane”. Bane will have Shocking and Skullcracker affixes and attack similarly to its normal variant. The twist here is that it’ll also spawn Root Shaman Mobs continuously, making it a bit harder to defeat him. Nevertheless, if you’ve got a decent array of weapons and mods, you should be able to get through him easily! 

Defeating Bane rewards you with the Wooden Shiv and the Supercharger Mutator, and once you’ve got both of these items, return to Ward 13 and exchange those items with Wallace. Doing so will get you the Serrated Root Blade class engram, which signifies that you’ve unlocked the Invader class. 

The Invader Class in Remnant 2 is absolutely worth the effort and grind given its benefits. You’ll be able to avoid enemy damage using certain skills, along with the fact that you can also avoid enemy detection using decoys. It’s the perfect archetype or class for high-risk, high-reward gameplay with absolutely next-level evasion and dodges! 

That’s everything we had on unlocking the Invader Class in Remnant 2. Keep visiting us for more such guides! Remnant 2 is available for multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S and Microsoft Windows!

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Last Updated on August 1, 2023

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