How to play Remnant 2 Coop with Friends?

Remnant 2 Coop – Given that Remnant 2 co-op is not unlocked right away in the game, if you plan to recruit a few friends to help you in and around Ward 13, here is all you need to know!

Players in the Tough Adventure game’s early stages might wonder how they can grant access to Ward 13 to their friends. From the moment players load up the game for the first time, co-op is unavailable immediately. We have found out when you can invite fellow paxulteks to join you around Ward 13 in the game. 

Like Remnant 2’s previous title, Remnant: From the Ashes, this game is better when played with teammates, all thanks to the challenging bosses and the gameplay. Once your dream team is ready with all the healers, tanks and shooters to step through the world stone, you can unlock and play co-op with friends in Remnant 2. 

How to play Remnant 2 Coop with Friends

Unlocking Remnant 2 Coop

First and foremost, you must complete the tutorial, which is also the campaign story’s beginning, if you want to join friends. Upon reaching Ward 13 and touching the world stone for the first time, your progress in the game will be saved, and then you can play co-op with up to two others. 

So to invite your friends to join you in your game from anywhere in the world, enter the main menu and then select ‘Friends’ and next to their name, hit the invite button. However, to join a public game, you must enter the co-op menu from the world stone. 

Joining a Public Match in Remnant 2

You can access the Public matches from the world stone by clicking the ‘Join game’ option. Then, you can choose the difficulty and see the free-to-join public matches. However, simply clicking on the match does not give you access instantly. Instead, the host must head to the world stone to revive you. 

Hosting a Public Match in Remnant 2

You must simply head to the main menu at any time in the game and change your invite settings to public to host a public co-op game. The game will automatically appear on the Join game screen for the others to invite themselves to a dungeon. Note that you, as the host, will have to revive them at the world stone, so keep an eye out for the notification in the game, as this is how you will allow them. 

Loot sharing in Coop in Remnant 2

The biggest question when playing online co-op with friends or teammates is how the loot will be shared among you. Thankfully, in Remnant 2, most of the loot is shared between teammates. This means that whenever anything that is picked up or dropped will appear in all of the teammate’s inventory immediately. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about How to play Remnant 2 Coop with Friends. 

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Last Updated on July 25, 2023

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