Best Remnant 2 Traits for Newbies

Best Remnant 2 Traits – If you are someone who has been wondering about the best traits that they should grab and level up first in the game while you are putting your class together? While you are building your character, you must want to know about the best weapons in Remnant 2 to equip alongside your traits and class. 

These are quite similar to the passive boosts that level up as you progress in the campaign. So, when allocating a limited number of Trait points, read the guide below to determine which ones you should prioritize.

Below is a guide containing the top traits that we picked out. Keep reading to find out!

Best Traits in Remnant 2

Best Basic Trait
  • Vigor
  • Endurance 
  • Expertise
  • Spirit
Best Archetype Trait
  • Kinship
  • Triage
Best Unlockable Trait
  • Barkskin 
  • Scholar 

Best Remnant 2 Traits for Newbies

Each of the Remnant 2 archetypes or the class has a unique trait on top of the basic traits. As the class gains levels or XP, these also keep increasing their level. Once they are maxed out at level 10, even if the archetype is not equipped, the unique trait can be selected, but the only drawback is that its rank will also reset. You will have to either re-equip the archetype or reallocate points.

As you progress further in the game, the game also has traits that can be acquired or discovered. Here is a detailed list of the best traits starting with the basic traits, followed by the archetype and the unlockable ones. 


Up to almost +30 HP, Vigor increases your maximum health in the game, improving your survivability. 


Up to almost +30 stamina at level 10, Endurance increases your maximum stamina in the game. Given the number of times you will be dodging and sprinting in combat, this is important to have enough stamina to spare. 


This will reduce your skill cooldowns and help you use the class abilities more. 


This improves your mod power generation in the game. What makes it great is that it will enable you to use the weapon specialisms more. 


This, up to almost 80% at level 10, from the Handler Archetype, reduces the friendly fire damage dealt with and received. If you want to try co-op, this is a must-have because sometimes teammates are not very well coordinated, leading to chaos where everyone is firing rounds wildly and lobbing explosives. So you can reduce the hassles and ensure you accidentally do not take down your teammates.  

However, in many cases, you will not require putting points into this trait. This is more the case when you, as your ‘main’, always have the Handler archetype. This is due to Bonded, the class’ Prime perk, which enables your dog companion to revive you and your teammates. 


From the Medic archetype, this, up to 50% at level 10, increases healing in the game. If you have Trait Points to spare, this is an excellent choice if you are not planning to equip the Medic Archetype simply for the healing boost it gives you. 


This, up to 10% at level 10, gives you the much-required damage reduction in the game. You must first reach Yaesha – The Dappled Glade, to obtain it. You will find Meidra, an NPC who will ask you several questions there. Post this; you will get the Ravager’s gift or the Doe’s Gift. You want the Doe’s gift for netting the Barkskin trait. So make sure you choose the answers representing Doe’s nurturing yet uncompromising and naive nature. 


Even though this trait comes very late in the game, it is one of the best ones in Remnant 2. For this, you must defeat the game’s final boss. This, up to 15% XP at level 10, grants an XP bonus in the game. So, to allocate points to it, you will have to respect it immediately. During your post-campaign, adventure mode runs, and campaign rerolls, you will be able to, in a more effective manner, level other classes with it. 

Remnant 2 Trait Points

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about Best Remnant 2 Traits for Newbies.

If you think this guide has helped you, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Remnant 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

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Last Updated on July 25, 2023

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