How to participate in Broom Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Broom Trials Hogwarts Legacy – We have been into Hogwarts Legacy since the Early Access, and enjoy this game to the core. It has been out on all the consoles and PCs and has received positive reviews globally. The game features new storyline and side quests that resemble the original Harry Potter books and movies. The game is very interactive and keeps you glued to your seats!

Broom Trials are races which Slytherin student Imelda Reyes organizes. She is the fastest flyer amongst the students, and you will meet her during certain flying quests, where you will aim to defeat her timings.

So this article will guide you on how to participate in Broom Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to participate in Broom Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

To participate in the Broom Trials, you will have to go and meet Imelda Reyes after starting the side quest “Sweeping The Competition”. This quest will be given to you by Albie from the Broom Store in Hogsmeade. Meet up with him, and after having a brief conversation about the broom upgrades, you will be tasked to go and speak with Imelda Reyes.

Follow the map’s white marker, hop on to your broom, and fly off to the marked location. Remember to press Shift and the left mouse button to get a speed boost to reach her quickly.


As soon as you reach her, interact with her, and she will challenge you to beat her again. As you accept the challenge, you can start with the Broom Trials. The broom will ascend if you press Space, while it will descend if you press the Ctrl button on your keyboard. Remember to go through all the brooms, as failing each of those rings will give you a 3-second penalty.

broom trials

As you start with the Time Challenge, remember that these are the objectives you need to fulfil. First, you need to pass through 20 large rings, and to beat Imelda, you need to reach the finish line before 2 mins 26 seconds and 22 milliseconds (2:26:22). The flying circuit can be confusing at turns, so make sure you are aware of your surroundings and don’t miss any rings while flying. A quick tip is to pass through the yellow bubbles while keeping the left mouse button pressed so that you can always stay at high speeds throughout the circuit.

race timings

Once you complete the circuit within the given time, interact with Imelda Ryes again. After the cutscene, get back to Albie and report to him about the performance of the broom, and the quest “Sweeping the Competition” concludes after that. If you want to replay the Imelda Reyes course again, you must visit the Podium with the leaderboards, where you can check your time and start races.

sweeping the competition

So this was all about how to participate in Broom Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

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