How to learn Avada Kedavra spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Learn Avada Kedavra Hogwarts Legacy – If you’re a Harry Potter series fan, and you play Hogwarts Legacy, you’d probably have realized that there are certain differences. However, the game intends to keep up the authenticity of the game by including some items that were originally in the novels. Among these items are the three unforgivable curses which include the Crucio, Imperio and Avada Kedavra. 

Avada Kedavra is also known as the killing-curse, that can take down any enemy in just one shot. Since Hogwarts Legacy offers you two paths, as a student at Hogwarts. Evil or Good, it’ll completely be up to you whether you’d want an ability using which you could eliminate your enemies. In this article by Frontech, we’ll be guiding you with how you could get one of these spells, specifically, the Avada Kedavra Spell. Which also happens to be the strongest one out of these three, so keep reading to learn more!

How to learn Avada Kedavra spell in Hogwarts Legacy

How to learn Avada Kedavra spell in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re wondering how you could get this particular spell, you’ll have to complete some side missions for Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow. These are optional quests. If you’ve decided not to follow this path, you won’t get a second chance to acquire the same. Choose wisely!

Among the missions you’ll have to do for Sebastian, In The shadow of the Relic is one of the last ones that you’ll have to complete. Upon completion of the same, Sebastian will teach you the Avada Kedavra Spell. Here are the steps:

  1. The “In The shadow of the Relic” mission starts out with you “talking to Ominis at the catacombs”.
  2. After that, you’ll be required to follow some instructions given by Ominis, and by using them, you’ll have to find Sebastian and then finally defeat his uncle, Solomon Sallow.
  3. After you do so, you will have to “Follow Sebastian” to the exit of the Catacombs, and then talk to him.
  4. A couple of dialogue exchange will take place, where Sebastian will say that he had no other option other than casting Avada Kedavra on Solomon.
  5. Then you will be presented with two choices:
    • No one show know that curse.
    • Everyone should know that curse.
  6. Select “Every should know that curse”. A few more sets of dialogue exchange, then Sebastian will offer to teach you Avada Kedavra. Following which, you will be again presented with two choices:
    • Now is not the time.
    • Yes please.
  7. Select “Yes please”, and Sebastian will teach you Avada Kedavra.

You’ll be able to access the In The shadow of the Relic quest once you’ve completed the “Shadow of Hope” side quest and Lodgok’s Loyalty main mission. One other requirement is that you’d have to be level 28, to access the same. You will also have to complete some more side quests, but in the end, it’s all worth it as this spell is very effective against bosses, eliminating them in one shot. 

The curse, being the most powerful, has the longest cooldown time in the game, which makes sense as you won’t be able to simply spam it all around. Finally, the killing-spell will definitely help you with tough battles that you’ll have to face as you get closer to the endgame. 

That’s everything we had on the Avada Kedavra spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

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