How to increase Stamina in Forspoken

We all know about the wonders of the parkour system in the latest AAA title from Square Enix, Forspoken. The flying across of the map and its way, particularly at breakneck speeds, are also quite spectacular. Of course, like most of the games that we play, Stamina is a factor by which you are, in a way, limited to the amount you can run. In the game, at the earlier stages, you have this factor to keep in mind, which won’t let you far given the lengths of Athia. You need to increase your stamina in the game, and if you are confused about how to do that, don’t worry. We have you covered. The following guide will help you do so. Keep reading!

How to increase Stamina in Forspoken

How to increase Stamina in Forspoken

Like we said earlier, you start with very less stamina, and this too gets used by you every time that you would activate the magic parkour system that is also known as the Flow spell or even when you would try climbing the cliffs. It also gets consumed if you fall from a pretty considerable height, as Cuff makes use of it to help protect Frey from a rather great amount of damage. On the other side, though, you do not consume Stamina if you are running without magic, so there is no need to worry about that.

The increase in stamina occurs throughout the game, pretty gradually. When you progress between the chapters, you will stumble at areas that would stop you from moving ahead and will also face a challenge that will require you to fight a group of enemies that are stronger than the levels of the enemies you are currently facing. Whenever this happens, if you progress, your stamina increases when you complete it. 

When there is an increase in stamina, it will increase by 100 points. When you complete the game, you should have a total of 800 stamina to make use of. Unlike healing, You would consume and replenish stamina automatically, and would thus keep your flow spell active for as long as you want, running throughout the maps of Athia. 

That is all that there is to know about how to increase stamina in Forspoken. Forspoken has finally been released and is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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