How to Heal in Forspoken

In every game where some sort of combat exists, there needs to be a way to heal. Forspoken, when it comes to this, is full of encounters, and you’ll often find yourself struggling to maintain your Health Points. In most of the games, healing is quite easy as it might just take place automatically, but in Forspoken, it takes some effort as you’ll need to collect certain herbs, find resting spots, or just run a few errands to gain back Frey’s health points. Keeping in mind the same, in this article by Frondtech, we’ll be guiding you with how you can heal in the game Forspoken. Here it is:

How to heal in Forspoken

How to Heal in Forspoken

Here are the ways to Heal in Forspoken:

Healing Draught

The main method you’ll be using to heal your HP would be by using Healing Draughts. Healing Draughts are consumable items that’ll gain back a good percentage of Frey’s health as they’re used.

How to craft Healing Draught

Additionally, there are two ways in which you could get your hands on these healing draughts, the first being the old-fashioned crafting way, where you’ll need to search for some items, acquire them and make your way to a crafting table and the second method is just getting lucky in the open world.

There’s something called Refuges that you might know a bit about. These are safe houses spread all across the open world of Forspoken. If you make your way to one of these, you might find some Healing Draughts at the place. If you’re entering a refuge for the first time, you’ll find two or three of these Healing Draughts for sure. They’ll be scattered around in the building, though, so it might take a bit of a treasure hunt to obtain one of those. 

Another way you could find those healing draughts is by opening chests or bags around the map. The chances here are quite slim, though, we got to say. Finally, the old-fashioned way would be to craft them, and you could do so by combining two Balm Flax, which could only be done at a crafting table, as we mentioned earlier.


You could also use Refuges. Apart from the fact that you will be finding Healing Draughts at the place, you don’t really have to consume them. All you’ve got to do is rest at the Refuge, and you’ll regain your health back. Finally, if there isn’t a refuge accessible, you could also use firewood in your inventory to make camp and rest.

Counter Attacks

If you’re in combat, you could heal yourself by performing counterattacks as well. If you’re wondering how you could perform the counterattack, it’ll be unlocked for you once you’ve completed the game’s tutorial. To actually use the same, if your enemy strikes you, just press the button that’ll be displayed on the screen to perform a cuff counter. Upon doing the same, it’ll restore a percentage of Frey’s health, but it won’t be possible to regain full health back by performing counterattacks.

These were all the ways using which you could heal in the game Forspoken.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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