How to get Vine Goo in the Raft

Vine Goo Raft – Axolot’s oceanic survival game welcomes you to the world of Raft. This adventure game slowly moves, so you might miss some action in the entire game. Anyway, prepare yourself or your squad to explore these mysterious islands.

You’re playing as a forsaken person in the world of Raft, so you have to find your food using your trusty hook, or you will spend your whole time crafting survival equipment in the middle of the night.

As I said earlier, you spend more time crafting your survival items than your food. In that respect, you should know about the Vine Goo, which can be used to prepare plenty of materials. It’s a common item in the Raft, but obtaining Vine Goo will be more challenging than you think. But, following this article will make your job easy.

How to get Vine Goo in the Raft

As Mentioned Previously, Vine Goo is a rare resource in this epic oceanic adventure game. You can find them in Loot Boxes near the Islands or get them in crates. But, it’s not a good idea to “collect” Vine Goo, since it is very hard to predict how much you need. So, the better option will be building your Vine Goo production, which provides a constant supply of Vine Goo.

To make your own Vine Goo, you have to add Seaweed into Smelter, and it will produce a Vine Goo. Remember that you have to add Plank to generate fire for your Smelter.

How to get Vine Goo in Raft

If you don’t have Seaweed in your inventory, you can get them by exploring the shores near the Islands. Here is a complete guide on how to obtain Seaweed in Raft.

Once you’ve collected your Seaweed, please place them in the Smelter. After 45 seconds, you will get your Vine Goo. You will get 1 Vine Goo by smelting 1 Seaweed.

Just in case you don’t have a Smelter, to make a smelter you need:

  • 4x Plank
  • 6x Dry Brick
  • 4x Scrap
  • 6x Nail

Using Vine Goo, you can craft empty Bottles to have fresh water; Oxygen tanks, that allow you to survive underwater for an extended period, and creating Flippers that permit you to swim faster. Vine Goo will also help you in crafting the Basic Bow, Cooking Pot, Sweep Net, and Circuit Board.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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