Raft Cooking Pot Recipes [Updated 2022]

Raft Cooking Pot Recipes – In this guide, I will show you all the Recipes for the Cooking Pot inside your kitchen in Raft. As most of you know, the full version of Raft or Raft 1.0 is finally available on Steam.

The update has brought a ton of changes to the game. There are new destinations, new enemies, more items, voice acting, new characters, trading and so much more.

The Cooking Pot, on the other hand, has been present in Raft since the very beginning, unlike the Juicer. You can make delicious meals that fill up your hunger bar quickly, provided, you actually have the recipes.

To make a Cooking Pot in Raft, you need 6 Planks, 6 Plastic, 2 Metal Ingots, 4 Vine Goo, and 1 Bolt. Once you have everything, you can go to your Inventory, click on Food/Water, and craft the Cookingpot.

Once you have crafted the Cookingpot, farm for some Clay, make some Clay Bowls, and get ready to make awesome meals with the recipes provided below.

Raft Cooking Pot Recipes 2022

Here are the all the Recipes for the Cooking Pot as per the latest 2022 update:

Raft Cooking Pot Recipes

Dish Name Recipe
Steak with Jam
  • 1x Potato/Raw Beet
  • 1x Raw Meat
  • 2x Raw Berries
Mushroom Omelette
  • 1x Potato
  • 2x Egg
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Raw Meat
  • 1x Raw Mackerel
  • 1x Raw Drumstick
  • 1x Mushroom
Fruit Compot
  • 1x Watermelon
  • 1x Pineapple
  • 1x Mango
  • 1x Red Berry
Shark Dinner
  • 2x Raw Shark Meat
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Silver Algae
Head Broth
  • 1x Potato/Raw Beet
  • 2x Poison Puffer Head
  • 1x Bucket of Milk
  • 1x Raw Mackerel/Raw Tilapia
  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Silver Algae
Coconut Chicken
  • 2x Raw Drumstick
  • 1x Coconut
  • 1x Mushroom
Simple Fist with Stew
  • 2x Potato/Raw Beet
  • 2x Raw Herring/Raw Pomfret
Vegetable Soup
  • 4x Potato/Raw Beet
Hearty Stew
  • 1x Potato
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Raw Meat
  • 1x Juniper
Salmon Salad
  • 1x Mango/Pineapple
  • 1x Salmon
  • 1x Silver Algae
  • 1x Turmeric
Catfish Deluxe
  • 1x Potato/Raw Beet
  • 1x Catfish
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Chili

These are all the Cooking Pot Recipes that I have been able to figure out till now. There is a huge chance of Redbeet Interactive adding some more in the near future. But I am pretty sure that for now, this is it.

In case you are wondering where can you find these recipes, there are plenty of ways. You can get recipes from barrels, random chests, abandoned Rafts, and underwater. It is completely based on RNG.

Now, if you don’t know how to use the Cooking Pot, you will first have to light it up using Planks. On the Cookinpot, you will notice 4 slots. Drag the ingredients you want to your quick-use bar. Equip them in your hand, and place them on the slots of the Cooking Pot, one by one. Once you have placed all the ingredients for a particular dish, interact with the Cooking Pot, and start the cooking.

How to cook in Raft

Make, sure to use the exact same ingredients that have been pointed out in the table above. If you end up placing the wrong items and start the cooking. Then you will waste everything. So be cautious while placing the items.

So this was all about “Raft Cooking Pot Recipes”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more guides on Raft, keep an eye on Frondtech! Happy Gaming!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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