How to get Seaweed in Raft

Seaweed Raft – The full version of Raft or Raft 1.0 is finally available on Steam. The update has brought a ton of changes to the game. There are new destinations, new enemies, more items, voice acting, new characters, trading, and so much more.

Honestly, the news destinations and the enemies have filled the game with life again. Venture to Varuna Point, Temperance, and the third destination to discover your adventures.

Crafting is one of the main formulas for progress in the game, and Seaweed is one of the essential collectible resources you need to find. The Seaweed can be used for crafting in-game items like Vine Goo and Flippers. So make sure you take the time, and farm Seaweed and the article will guide you on where to find and get Seaweed in Raft.

where to find seaweed in raft game

How to get Seaweed in Raft

The best way to get Seaweed is by diving underwater. The Seaweeds are located in the Kelps. These Kelps are tall plants that grow underwater on the ocean floor. These Kelps can be found near the islands on the shallow part of the ocean. To find the Kelps, you need to find an island first. A small island will work well and doesn’t necessarily have to be big. Once you find an island, head towards it and anchor the raft near it. However, you should constantly monitor your oxygen level and look for sharks when farming Seaweed.

These Kelps are located in shallow waters, so you don’t need to dive very deep. And because of that, oxygen might not be a problem apart from the sharks. The sharks can be pretty dangerous, so it’s better to distract them or kill them. If you don’t want to fight the sharks, you can distract them using bait. These baits are outstanding in distracting them, as taking them down might be tricky if you are unprepared.

Once you find a Kelp, swim near it and get to the denser part of the plant at its center. Once you are in the line of sight with the plant, the area will be highlighted. Press E on your keyboard and collect the Seaweed from the Kelp.

You can also find Seaweed inside the loot boxes placed throughout the game map. Different Loot boxes drop various types of items and not just one. So there are good chances you will find Seaweed inside the Look box. You can find the loot boxes on the Vacated Rafts, Abandoned Huts, and the Story Island.

So this was all about where to find Seaweed in Raft.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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