How to get Billywig Stings in Hogwarts Legacy

Billywig Stings – Hogwarts Legacy is one of the best AAA titles to release this year, and we are blown away by the storyline and how the quests and missions are laid out. The graphics and the gameplay mechanics are more than what we expected. Apart from the main storyline, this game has excellent Side quests with exclusive rewards.

One such side quest known as the Dissendium for Sweets will be given to you, Garreth Weasley, a student and your friend from the Potions class, where you will need to go and explore the secret passage of the Honeydukes Cellar. It is a vibrant experience, and you should attempt this side quest. However, it will be available a couple of hours into the main quest.

So this article will guide you on how to get Billywig Stings in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get Billywig Stings in Hogwarts Legacy

The Billywig Stings can be found in the Honeydukes Cellar. But getting there can be a bit challenging as you will have to do many things, and it is not as straightforward as the other quests you have done in this game. Also, remember that this “Dissendium for Sweets” Quest will be available after you have made significant progress in the main storyline.

Garreth Weasley, a student whom you already helped with the Fwooper Feather during the Potions class, will offer you this Quest. He adds that the passage that leads to the Honeydukes Cellar can be found on the third-floor corridor, behind the statue of a one-eyed witch. All you need to do is tap it with your wand and say, “Dissendium.”

First, follow the yellow marker, get to the third floor, and find out the one-eyed witch. As you get to the third floor, you will see the purple circle on the minimap, indicating that you are close to the statue. Use the Revelio spell to reveal the one-eyed figure. The statue is visible on the third floor, so you don’t need to search around a lot.

one eyed statue

After descending, follow the white marker, and you will soon come across a broken lift. Use the Reparo Spell to repair the lift and the lever to descend so you can explore the secret passage.

explore the secret passage

Follow the white marker and collect whatever resources you can get from here. Soon you will come across some spiderwebs that you need to burn using the Incendio Spell. As soon as you do it, you will find that there is a platform that can be levitated using the Levioso Spell so that you can climb up to the ledge.

levioso to levitate

Again, follow the path, and you will come across another platform. Use your Levioso Spell again to bring it up, jump onto that platform, and continue exploring. Do not worry about falling if you don’t land on the platform. You can come up and attempt again.

first platform lift

Once you start following the white marker again, you will come across a broken Platform, which you first need to repair using the Reparo Spell and then bring it up using the Levioso Spell.

repair platform

Continue exploring, and you will find another broken platform after destroying the cobwebs. Again, you will have first to repair it using Reparo. Then use the Accio Spell to pull the platform holding levers. Then use the Levioso spell to bring it up, jump on the opposite platform, and continue exploring.

accio spell

After some time, you will find a locked door. Use the Incendio Spell to ignite the two bonfires, automatically opening the gate for you.

incendio to ignite

Inside the room, you will find some items you can collect and then exit Honeydukes using the ladder. After a loading screen, you will get inside the Honeydukes store, and following the white marker will lead you to the Billywig Stings lying on a table. Always use the Reparo spell to reveal the items if you are confused.

billywig stings

After getting the Billywig Stings, get back to Garreth. Use the Fast Travel feature to travel back to Hogwarts School quickly from Hogsmeade Square rather than taking the road, which will consume a lot of time.

dissending for sweets

As soon as you get to Garreth Weasley, give him the Billywig Stings, and after a brief cutscene, the mission ‘Dissending’ for Sweets is complete, and you will get the Quidditch Board as a reward.

So this was all about how to get Billywig Stings for Garreth Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy

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Last Updated on February 14, 2023

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